Aaronovitch Apologises to Tony Greenstein


I was very pleased and amused to see that stauch upholder of political “decency”, David Aaronovitch has been forced along with Times newspapers to apologise to the Palestinian solidarity campaigner Tony Greenstein.

As Aaronovitch now grovels:

 At the beginning of July, an item was posted on my weblog which stated that Tony Greenstein had been “intimidating” or “harassing Jews’ at NUS conferences for 30 years. Tony Greenstein believed that this accused him of committing an offence of incitement to racial hatred under s.3A of the Race Relations Act 1976 and that it also implied that he is anti-Semitic.

While Tony Greenstein and I have had our differences, notably at NUS conferences, neither I nor The Times meant to suggest that he has been breaking the law for thirty years or that he is anti-Semitic. Our apologies for any embarrassment caused

10 comments on “Aaronovitch Apologises to Tony Greenstein

  1. Pete Brown on said:

    As someone who has been pro-Palestine for more years than I would like to remember I would like point out that it does not make me anti-semitic. Well done Tony, an apology
    of sorts if not a grovel from Aaronovitch.

  2. someone on said:

    why have you closed the comments on the december stats thread- this sort of censorship is disgusting

  3. Tawfiq Chahboune on said:

    The Times and David Aaronovitch never fail to disappoint. First they publish scurrilous innuendos (essentially libeling a decent and brave man with the tag of “anti-Semitism”) and when it looks like they’ll get taken to the cleaners – and who can doubt that The Times’s lawyers would have been all over this? – The Times demands Aaronovitch apologise. And what does he do? Offer, as someone said above, a very mealy mouthed apology.

    For The Times, it was a question of money over anything else. Aaronovitch is a shameless propagandist for any lunacy that the White House (and Kissinger, who has been invited more times than anyone else by Bush & Cheney; apparently he’s very good on foreign affairs”) can come up with. I don’t expect much else from Aaronovitch. He worshipped Stalin, and now he worships neoconservatism and imperialism. It’s not that much of a change. I’m happy for him.

  4. Incidently, #5 is from well know AWL member Martin Ohr, and I closed the debate on the thread in question after he called me a c**t.

  5. Tony Greenstein on said:

    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. It would incidentally be good if Andy could put up the image of Aarronovitch’s apology if that is possible (I’m not a technie I’m afraid!). It’s up on Mark Elf’s Jews san frontiere if people want to see the real thing!

    Yes The Times blustered, produced all sorts of ‘evidence’ to dissuade me from going ahead. Quotes from a letter 30 years ago about how I had reduced a Zionist to tears (by informing him that all he had learnt at his mother’s knee wasn’t true! But that was ‘intimidation’) etc. But at the end of the day their brief, no less than Richard Rampton QC, the Irving case lawyer, sent me a letter asking for further particulars. What was the meaning of the libel in question!

    My thanks to Mike McNair (& I hope he isn’t embarrassed) for giving me free legal advice (as employment not defamation is my specialism) for drafting a helpful reply i.e. I was being accused of incitement to racial hatred in essence under the Race Relations Act.

    The person who posted the original libellous comments goes by the name ‘Mikey Mikey’ and is a regular on Harry’s Place and Engage. Apart from being a regular defamer of anti-Zionists (he once criticised Lenni Brenner, author of Zionism in the Age of the Dictators because he hadn’t been to college, the arrogant little s****)he is also a drinking partner with, guess who, Atzmon!!!

    In fact he has supplied Atzmon with personal information about me in order that Atzmon can continue his scurrilous and libellous little campaign. Mikey, who fancies himself as a historian, avidly defends one Rudolph Kastner against charges of collaboration with the Nazis (which most Zionist historians now accept is factually true) but he himself is the best demonstration of the fact that Zionists and anti-Semites get on like a house on fire.

    It is of course satisfying on a personal level to have secured an apology from The Times but politically it is essential that those of us who do stick our necks out and support the Palestinians don’t have to put up with this crap.

    And it’s not surprising that as Jewish anti-Zionists in particular, because we came to anti-Zionist positions because of our anti-racism that we won’t tolerate anti-Semitism either. And it is no surprise that our political enemies, be they anti-Semites or Zionists once again find they have a mutual interest in collaborating with each other.

    Thanks again to people for the kind comments and I’m also pleased that Atzmon was forced to hold his talk in someone’s private house as all decent people will have nothing to do with him (the SWP excepted!).


  6. ‘an item was posted on my weblog…’ Wow. That rates above ‘mistakes were made’ as an example of mealy-mouthed ducking of responsibility. Mr Aaronovitch obviously needed to urgently change the password to his blog account!