African Union Proposes Libya Roadmap to Peace

The African Union (AU) early Sunday urged an immediate end to all hostilities in the war-torn Libya and made a proposal on setting up a transition period for adopting reforms, local media reported.

The call was issued in a statement by a group of five African leaders mandated by the 53-member AU as mediators on the Libyan crisis.

The statement also called for conveying of humanitarian aid and dialogue between the Libyan government and the opposition parties.

The panel of African leaders led by Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz met in the Mauritanian capital on Saturday to coordiate positions on the Libyan crisis.

It is reported that Aziz and presidents from South Africa, Mali and Republic of Congo will travel to the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Sunday to negotiate an immediate ceasefire and mediate for political dialogue between the Libyan government and the opposition.

The African leaders are expected to meet Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli and opposition leaders in Benghazi.

The African Union had voiced its opposition to all forms of military intervention on Libya.

At its meeting in late March, the AU worked out a five-point Roadmap,which has been agreed on by the Libyan government.

The Roadmap consists of the following elements: the protection of civilians and the cessation of hostilities; the humanitarian assistance to affected populations both Libyans and foreign migrant workers; the initiation of political dialogue between the Libyan parties in order to reach an agreement from the modalities for ending the crisis; the establishment and management of an inclusive transitional period; and the adoption and implementation of political reforms necessary to meet the aspirations of the Libyan people.

from Xinhua

One comment on “African Union Proposes Libya Roadmap to Peace

  1. Engraver on said:

    No doubt the West propping up vile dictatorships is the primary concern of the African Union of torturing bastards.

    The world must reject this mission creep. It is for the people of Libya to decide the next move. A western intervention to negotiate with Gadaffi and prop up his hated tyranny is no worse than one intended to effect regime change. THe UN apparently agreed to intervene to protect civilians and cities from vicious bombardment though there does seem to be a tacit agreement as to which cities Gadaffi is allowed to sack and which he is not.