Carillion’s Union Busting, is This Why Swindon Dispute Hasn’t Been Settled?


GMB has found out that the senior Carillion HR manager involved in the Swindon dispute was the HR manager that for Carillion dealt with the blacklisting organisation that led to the exclusion of thousands of trade unionist from employment.

Dave Smith, a trade unionist who was blacklisted by his employer Carillion, and who has been invited to address a rally in support of the GMB members on strike at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, has advised GMB about the activities of a Carillion HR manager involved with the Swindon dispute in his own blacklisting.

From Dave Smith GMB has learned that a London Employment Tribunal in January was presented with evidence that Liz Keates the Carillion HR Director involved in the dispute at Swindon managed Carillion’s relationship with the Consulting Association. This was the body that was responsible for the ‘blacklisting’ 3,200 construction workers and excluding them from employment because of their trade union activities.

In February 2009 officers from the Information Commissioners Office seized documents which made clear that the Consulting Association was operating a blacklist of trade unionists on behalf of major companies in the construction industry including Carillion. There has since been an admission by Carillion that two of its subsidiaries had ‘penalised’ Dave Smith for being a trade unionist.

Liz Keates was also implicated in events in Manchester, as Daf manageing director, Michael Fahey gave evidence under oath at an employment tribunal that Liz Keates, acting in her capacity as Carillion HR director was present at a meeting which allegedly conspired to refuse to allow electricians onto the Law Courts site, due to their repuation as trade union activists.

GMB members are now on the eleventh day of strike action at Great Western Hospital in Swindon. They will return to work at midnight tonight and a further seven day stoppage will take place from Saturday 17th March to Friday 23rd March.

A St Patrick’s Day march and rally will be held in support of the strikers who at the start of the a further seven days strike. The details are as follows:

Assemble 11:15 am, Saturday 17th March

Salisbury Street,

Swindon SN1 2AN

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  1. This may be a daft question but are there any protests earmarked for London? I know this is a Swindon based dispute and there’s rally on Saturday, which I can’t make.

  2. treborc on said:

    Dam disgrace i thought these had ended years ago, I remember them in the 1970’s a list of people we could not employ.

  3. thought the strikes was over as most of them said today they are staying at work now

  4. Good question Louise

    I don’t know exactly what our schedule is next week yet.

    We may go and protest at the Carillion contract at the Royal London next week, but we may have other plans.

    Keep em gessin

  5. Of course, this “anon” is the one who repeats the same allegations as the other anon, without ever giving any evidence. Anyone would think they knew each other! And this anon is the one who claimed to be black, as a way of somehow proving that he isn’t racist – except all it proves is just what a liar he is.

    You won’t be ashamed of yourself will you, “anon”, because you’re utterly beyond that. But you should be really ashamed at how you keep attacking this group of workers and lying about them.

  6. For the record the strike is still exceptionally solid. And the next 7 day strike kicks off Saturday with a major march through Swindon. And a rally at wharf green.

    The mood of the strikers is very confident.

  7. Let us be clear here, “Anon” told us last time that the strike was crumbling, and kept trying to goad me about a number of people who had gone back to work.

    I will be completely honest here, we ballotted 132, a couple didn’t strike from the beginning, and after the forst three days three people went back to work. This was the point when “anon” started boasting that everyone was back at work and the strike defeated.

    Since then we have organised a solid five day strike, and on saturday a further seven days starts, that will be equally solid.

    membership forms are still coming in through the strike, and I am consulting our members in the kitchens, and may move to a further strike ballot over the additional hours they are being expected to work on strike days. Our membership is now about 150.

  8. mr newman ive never said that what you quoted me as saying but you may say its solid as a rock but the cracks are forming we will see how many come back to work and 150 out of how many workers

  9. Actually this anon is correct, he (the one who lied about being black, to prove he wasn’t racist) wasn’t the one who said the strike was falling apart. It was the other anon, who (like this anon) posts under multiple names and seems somehow inordinately connected with the anon above. Odd, huh?

    So, anon, still claiming to be black? Luckily for you, I can prove that it was you who said it.

    Of course, what’s more disgusting than claiming to be black just so you can say “I’m not racist”, is the horror of seeing you desperately hoping the strike collapses and a group of workers lose their fight.

    You do realise that your employer doesn’t give a damn about you, right? Who do you think benefits from your attempt to smear, lie and destroy solidarity, “anon”? Seriously, who benefits from your lies?

  10. you can say whatever you like about me tony but what about the lies thease people tell and smear someones name destroy their life and their familys how long have you known thease people i bet you dont bet you have never met them i know for a fact majority of them still try to get in contact with the manager on a daily basis to say they never had a problem with them so please feel free to slate me but always remember the 2 sides to every story and 1 side hasnt been heard …. yet

  11. #15

    anon: what about the lies thease people tell

    “these people” ?? which sort of people are you referring to??

    anon: i know for a fact majority of them still try to get in contact with the manager on a daily basis to say they never had a problem with them

    Mmm, so they are prepared to go on strike to expose bullying and harrassment, but then voluntarily get in touch with the main bully after she has gone.

    Is that the best you can do?

  12. #13

    anon: we will see how many come back to work and 150 out of how many workers

    Well everyone is back at work today, and won’t be out again until saturday. Out of how many? there are about 200 staff overall in housekeeping and 150 are in GMB.

  13. ok mr newman you made it quite clear you cant see them keeping in touch well heres a question for you to ask jen b if they dont keep in touch or should i say try to how is it she has been given by her every piece of correspondence from gmb to her and they were back yesterday at work and did have long chats with them also we are not expected to work long hours on strike days its voluntary work which we are happy to do this is my last comment as im off to work ….. have a good day

  14. “you can say whatever you like about me tony”

    I’m only repeating back at you exactly what you said on this site, all documented for easy reference. You claimed to be black, just to prove you weren’t racist. That’s documented, right here. That’s not a smear, like your ridiculous claim about the “majority” of 150 people contacting a manager who left, “on a daily basis”.

    You have been proven to lie on here again and again, as has what we’ll charitably call your “friend”, the other “anon”. What is more and more obvious is that you don’t give a damn about justice, not at all, and you want to see this group of workers fail.

    Just let that sit in your mind for a bit. This is who you are: A man who lies about being black, in the hope of convincing people that he’s not racist, and who drips with hatred for a group of workers simply fighting to stop their managers bullying them. You are desperate for them to fail, which is why you lie so much.

    And I’ll tell you what, I’ll take the word of a group of workers who are losing considerable amounts of pay for their cause, over an anonymous poster who continues to make sinister claims but has never once provided any evidence. They have been willing to put their money where their mouths are. You? You can’t even rise to their level.

    I’ll say again what I said to you and your “friend”: Show some evidence. Like other bitter people, you claim that only one side has been heard, and make onimous noises about how we’ve not heard the full story “yet”. Both you and your “friend” have done that. Put up some evidence. Your “friend” equally makes claims about how all of these people are bullies, and that the union bullied all of them, yet neither of you have ever had the guts to take on these bullies. All you do is post anonymously.

    You’re a coward, a real coward. You and your friend continue to spin stories which you never back up, all for one end: To defend a huge corporation which doesn’t give a damn about you or the workers. You’re very useful to Carillion management, but they will never thank you.

    They’ll despise you as much as we do. Put up some evidence, or at least gain some respect back by apologising for pretending to be black just so you could say you’re not racist.

  15. Anyway “anon’ thanks for your testimony here that CW is still involved, getting GMB. literature and obviously still in touch with her former co-workers who are posting racially charged comments here.

    This is useful evidence for GMB to use in our negotiations with Carillion.

  16. fact 1 …. im not a racist fact 2…. i am female fact 3…i am mixed race fact 4…. they are not losing money to fight for their cause fact 5….not apologising for saying what i think ……we all know they are getting paid for striking they tell us and we know exactly how much too and like i said before we spend 7 to 8 hours a day together so we do talk and unlike you i seen both sides of the story its not as easy just to give you evidence like you keep harping on about but soon all will be revealed

  17. andy your statement is wrong we are just a group of people who are fighting the corner of the manager who has been slated and branded a bully by people who call themselves friends who whether you like to believe it or not do still try to get in touch with them you know they are no longer with carillion but does need to move on with their life but is constantly being slated by gmb just to get you reconised by carillion

  18. What lengths do the management go to these days !!
    In the old days the bosses had to rely upon poor forgeries like the Zinoviev Letter, to day all they need is a computer.
    How pathetic that they should also seek to cover themselves by pretending to be just poor workers who by chance happen to be of ‘mixed race’ and ‘female’
    I might not agree with much of what you write Andy but keep up the good work mate you’re obviously getting to them