The Syrian war in context – speech by Kevin Ovenden

This is the You Tube video of Kevin Ovenden’s speech at the International Anti-war conference in London last Saturday about Syria in several contexts:

1) the shifting balances locally (within and among the political and social forces in Syria underlying the awful civil war), regionally (in the Middle East and North Africa) and globally (the *relative* decline of US hegemony);
2) the ongoing – even if seemingly subterranean radial transformative process in the Arab region – and the all too apparent attempts to derail, corral and/crush it;
3) and lastly: the context of having a movement, with all its effects on the society from previous surges forward. It is valuable. It should be sustained and developed with unity of purpose (which include space for differences of assessment and opinion) and a clear opposition to the “main enemy… at home”.

It also sketches out some of the ways of conducting ourselves within a movement and within the wider left and progressive constituency which can contribute to growth and success, rather than losing sight of the core principles and struggles that bind us together.

One such issue is the struggle for Palestine and for the political transformations that will take both that and the societies across the region forward to a genuine freedom, which cannot happen under dispossession.