“child M” Must Stay

Child “M” is an eight year old school child attending a primary school in Manchester . Child “M” was held in detention at Yarls Wood for 52 days this summer. There can be no justification for imprisoning an eight year old child.

Child “M” cannot be named for legal reasons.

Child “M” is here in the UK with his mum, brother and sister. Members of the family face persecution, and possible execution, if they are returned to Iran . They have been accused of posession of illegal literature, including circulating copies of Salman Rushdie’s book ‘The Satanic Verses’.

The British government has refused their asylum claim and recently tried to deport them. In July 2008 the family, including Child M, were arrested and imprisoned in Yarls Wood Detention Centre for over seven weeks.

As a result of substantial press interest, pressure from their legal team and the efforts of the Child “M” Must Stay Campaign, they have recently been released and allowed to return to Manchester . The family still face imminent deportation.

Child “M” and his family must not be removed from Britain and returned to Iran . It will simply be too dangerous and their safety cannot be guaranteed.

The family’s legal team is making challenges in the High Court. Keep your eye on the news.

But it is not enough to put their faith in the law. We have started a campaign:

Child “M” Must Stay!

What Can You Do?

Visit: www.childm.org.uk for information and resources

Sign the online petition:


· Write to the Home Secretary

Please write to the Home Secretary. This is one of the best ways you can help the campaign. In it you need to:

– include Home Office reference numbers: G1158044, G1158044/2 and G1158044/7

– ask for the whole family to be given leave to remain

– say why Child “M” and his family would be in danger if they are sent back to Iran

– express concern at how Child “M” and his family have been treated

– send it to the Home Secretary, Home Office, 2 Marsham Street London , SW1P 4DF

Thank you in solidarity,

Emma Shaw on behalf of  The Child M Must Stay Campaign

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