8 comments on “Chippenham election hustings on BBC radio

  1. That’s what I love about this blog. Immediately after I post an article and video on President Obama’s foreign policy and historic meeting with Cuban President, Raul Castro, in Panama, we get a post on the ‘Chippenham election hustings’.


  2. No, no, don’t. I wasn’t having a go. I genuinely think it sums up the blog’s charm. Good job at the hustings btw.

    How’s the campaign going?

  3. Andy Newman on said:

    John: No, no, don’t. I wasn’t having a go.

    done it now,

    Those hustings were tough, with a disproportionately kipper audience, and hard quizzing from Elinor Goodman over pensions (not my strongest subject) and Trident – which on the day that Fallon had described Miliband as a backstabber I wasn’t going to give further legs to the story, but neither was I going to say that I support Trident.

    The following night was a much better hustings.

    TBH, the issue is how much we can position Labour as the opposition of the future in the constituency. So if the Lib Dems are going to lose here, I want them to lose badly!

  4. I think for people like ‘us’, whose initial entrée into politics is fueled by an attachment to the big ideas of socialist transformation, imperialism v anti imperialism, the National Question, Marxism, etc., there’s a tendency to underestimate the nitty gritty of electoral politics with its compromises and attention to every dot and comma of every issue.

    I have taken part in only three election hustings in my time and I found them excruciating, and despite doing many, many live interviews for RT and made countless appearances on BBC Radio Scotland as a commentator over the years by now, I still find them difficult and am never happy with the end product.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. You came over well.

  5. Andy Newman on said:


    No I’m not being hard on myself. I always say to people the key is to try to come over as basically likeable, and the audience will forgive you.

    If you come over as an ar*e then it doesnt matter how articulate or knowledgeable you are. You are still an ar*se.

  6. Karl Stewart on said:

    I’m really enjoying this thread –

    “You were great mate”

    “No you’re great mate”

    Is that the opening beats of Bachman, Turner Overdrive I can hear?