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  1. Jellytot on said:


    That is a brilliant lyric.

    I am loving a lot of the new Western music.

    My daughter has gotten me into Korean pop music as well (which is massively popular all over east Asia….she is half asian).

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  2. #6 Those were the days!

    I remember being in the records section of a branch of Debenhams in 1978 and in the bin with the reduced stock were several copies of Anarchy in the UK on the EMI label. Price, 35p.

    The decision not to buy at least one of them was one I regreted for many years afterwards.

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  3. Jellytot on said:

    John Grimshaw:
    H’mmm….I’m obviously younger than you lot. The first 45 I bought was the Skids and it was a gate fold.

    Cardiac Arrest by Madness. It had a crossword on the picture sleeve that you just had to do.

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