Cycling for Palestine


Last Sunday, a number of Tower Hamlets residents joined with J. Djellout from Tower Hamlets Cycling club to take part in the Mayor of London’s Sky Ride. The aim? To get people young and old and from all backgrounds to get active with their bikes and to promote the plight of the Palestinian people.

The Palestine cycle convoy – headed by ex Tower Hamlets Opposition Leader for Respect Abjol Miah – travelled from Mile End, past Tower Hill and through central London until they reached Buckingham Palace and then finally back to Tower Hamlets. It took the team just over three hours to complete the journey amongst the seventy thousand cyclists who peddled into London to generally take part in the Sky Ride event.

Abjol Miah said: “I’m proud of everyone who turned out last Sunday to raise awareness of Palestine, cycle and have fun. The participation of youngsters was especially welcome. That this was acheived whilst they were still observing their fasts for Ramadan underlines their dedication to showing everyday solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

He added: “We encountered lots of friendly well-wishers on our trip – decked out in Palestinian t-shirts, scarves and flags we must have looked quite an impressive sight! The priority is now is to mobilise Tower Hamlets support for the fifth international Viva Palestina convoy leaving on the 18 September. Every donation made now is vital in improving the living conditions of those trapped by Israel’s deadly siege of Gaza.”

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