Democratic Faction Formed in SWP

In response to 4 members of the SWP being expelled during that organisation’s pre-conference period, a formal faction of 53 comrades has been formed.

I will publish the platform of the Democratic Opposition tomorrow (obviously without disclosing the identity of the 53 )

I am not publishing it now just because I dont have proper Internet access.

15 comments on “Democratic Faction Formed in SWP

  1. Len Butterworth on said:

    Democratic faction formed in SWP . . . to what end and what purpose? Are they simply moaning about the lack of democracy or the fact that the SWP is preventing them from getting across their preferred programme? If the latter there may be hope for it, if the former so what. The purpose of democracy in a Marxist outfit is to facilitate the creations of a living programme and unity around it. Join the lib dems if all you want is pointless democracy. Stick with the SWP if its stifling self-serving tyranny you prefer.

  2. Well, until Andy or the Weekly Worker get a copy online, here it is (names redacted, of course).


    The first signatory was actually in Counterfire (until March of this year)!

  3. Jellytot on said:

    @6The Chinese communist party still has around 70 million members

    The Japanese Communist Party (largely anoymous in the West and one of the largest non-ruling communist parties in the world) has about 318,000 members belonging to 22,000 branches.

    P.S. My view of the latest SWP shenanigans: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

  4. The idea that the Chinese Communist Party has anything to do with the the left or socialism tells us all we need to know about this site.

  5. Jellytot on said:


    ….and the fact that you think it doesn’t tells us all we need to know about you…politically, at least.

  6. Rorschach on said:

    So the SWP has descended into liberalism, but without the shell of democracy. It’s a bourgeois technocracy then – like Mario Monti. May we all have more interesting things to do and talk about in 2013.