Ed’s message to Labour Party members

Dear ….,

This is not the email I wanted to be writing to you today. I am profoundly sorry for the defeat we suffered, and more grateful than I can express for the support that you have shown me, and our party, throughout this campaign.

I take full responsibility for the result of the election, and that’s why it’s absolutely right that I step down as Labour’s leader today.

It has been the utmost privilege to serve this party as your leader, and to spend the last four-and-a-half years fighting for the millions of British families who need and deserve the fairness, compassion and opportunity that only a Labour government can provide.

Yet while defeats are hard, we are a party that will never stop fighting for the working people of this country. Britain needs a strong Labour Party and it is the responsibility of each of us to continue the fight. The stakes are too high to wait for others to lead.

It isn’t simply leaders who achieve change, it is people that make change happen. I will never give up on that idea, I will never give up on our cause and I will never give up on our fight.

Thank you again for everything, and please, keep on fighting too. The course of progress and social justice is never simple or straightforward, and change happens because people like us don’t give up.


11 comments on “Ed’s message to Labour Party members

  1. jack ford on said:

    Hugely depressing. I think Ed might have made an excellent social democratic prime minister but we’ll never know. Five more years of the Tories. I feared they might be the biggest party but I never expected them to win outright. This feels like 1992 all over again.

  2. If that message was intended for members, then joining the Labour Party seems to have become as easy – and as meaningful – as joining 38 Degrees or Avaaz these days. Sign one petition, and you’re in, That’s all I did, and the e-mails – including that one – have come thick and fast ever since.

    It’s a terrible result, and a tragedy for Ed M personally, but if the next leader can move away from meaningless slogans like “One Nation Labour”, and from allowing the party to be run like an overzealous telemarketing operation, then some good may come of it.

  3. Matty on said:

    Francis King,

    You might get emails from Labour but you won’t be a member unless you have filled in an application form and paid your subs.

  4. Joseph on said:

    I predict Labour will be back big time. We’ve got five years of right wing back benchers holding Cameron to hostage on every vote. It will be like the Major government. That era led to A wonderful Labour government.

  5. Omar on said:

    The election was Labour’s to lose and, boy, did they deliver. What a fucking disaster!

  6. jim mclean on said:

    The election was Labour’s to lose and, boy, did they deliver. What a fucking disaster!

    That is wrong, they were never polling more than mid 30’s.

    Francis King,

    You might get emails from Labour but you won’t be a member unless you have filled in an application form and paid your subs.

    Takes less than 2 minutes online and cost £5 at the moment, Just joined. Although I wasn’t offered a pledge 4 collectable immigrant mug.

  7. John Grimshaw on said:

    I got the email and I’ve never been a member of the LP. I’m just on Rushanara Alis e-list but my details were obviously passed onto a central e-list.

  8. Tony on said:

    I really do not understand why he has stood down. At the very least, he should have taken some time to think about it. Ted Heath did not stand down in 1966 and nor did Harold Wilson in 1970. Less happily, Kinnock did not step down in 1987. The forthcoming leadership election is probably a total irrelevance.

    What the election has demonstrated once again is that supporting nuclear weapons does not win elections.
    Miliband should have decided not to replace Trident and he should have challenged the Conservatives on why they wanted to waste such a huge load of money.

    Two thirds of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet opposed the original decision on Trident and so it was really pathetic for Miliband not to oppose its replacement.

    The SNP has clearly demonstrated that you can oppose nuclear weapons and win elections. Indeed, we had the awful spectacle recently of Labour MPS voting with the Conservatives on austerity and also voting with them to replace Trident.

    What Labour needs to do now is admit that it got it wrong on Trident replacement and vote against it next year.
    Failure to do so will help to hamper any recovery in Scotland (assuming there is one).


  9. Matty on said:


    Yes, what a relief. Heaven forbid you might have a say over the running of the only party who could run the Govt instead of the Tories. How’s the view from the Ivory Tower?