Errol Flynn’s advocacy of Fidel’s Cuba

This film is great. Persevere, the sound quality is poor in parts, but Errol Flynn makes a passionate advocacy for Fidel’s Cuba

7 comments on “Errol Flynn’s advocacy of Fidel’s Cuba

  1. Marxist Lennonist on said:

    It is indeed =) Showed it at SOAS in 2009 for a fundraiser, along with speeches from George Galloway and Bob Oram of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Also interesting that Flynn mentions Raul quite prominently in this from the first few months of the revolution – the idea his presidency is the undeserved result of nepotism is a pernicious myth

  2. Marxist Lennonist on said:

    Andy Newman,

    Yes I’m pretty sure it was more than these 10 minutes – don’t know if I’ve still got the DVD now though or where it is, will let you know if I find it

  3. John Grimshaw on said:

    Andy Newman: Did you have the second half of the film? This is only the first part.

    Is it not on YouTube or some such? Sorry I didn’t realise there was more.