7 comments on “Every Picture Tells a Story

  1. John Fisher on said:

    Just heard the following:
    In a cynical manipulation of Parliamentary protocol, the Government have told the Liberal Democrats that they will implement all the Clegg / Williams amendments once the Health and Social Care Bill is passed, in return for the LibDem peers not debating them, and voting against all
    forthcomingf opposition amendments. Earl Howe will merely make astatement instead of initiating a debate in the Lords. This means thatnot only will there be no debate on Clegg / Williams, but moreimportantly, no votes will take p lace. With no opportunity for Government defeat on a vote the bill goes back to the Commons for approval with no possibility of returning to the Lords.Government will then seek Royal Assent on the 20th when the Queen visits
    Parliament as part of her Jubilee celebrations – with resulting minimal media attention.
    The LibDems feel they’ve got what they wanted on the private patient cap and Monitor – so they are happy to accept a “strong reassurance” from Earl Howe that the NHS will be protected from the full force of competition law.

  2. Mr A James on said:

    Great made up photograph but the reality to this joke is that Cameron and company would really like to see the entire population of the lower classes crushed, then put into one coffin and buried except the few that would be the slaves to the elitist parasites.

  3. sean on said:

    real shame the AWL decided to use the speech of the first women speaker and royal college of midwives to distrubte the TUC rally on 7th March

    SWP no better heckling Andy Burnham

    This was a TUC event broad front

    It is not up to the SWP to say who we can listen to

    self appointed leaders

    infantile disorder 7th March

    disgraceful and not supported by those at the rally

    as was there attack on LibDem MP for Cornwall St Ives who has bravely stood up against his own party

    They even accused Dr David Owen of being a Liberal he replied that he had never been a Liberal winning him great applause