8 comments on “Galloway at the Oxford Union

  1. Zhou Enlai on said:

    The complete initial address by Galloway can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i8p49ODBu4

    Its well worth watching, as is the clip above. Its probably the best education seen at Oxford in years, judging by some of the grossly ill-informed questioners! But that reminds us that we have a great history of worker intellectuals, who came back from work exhausted and yet put in hours of study of Marxist-Leninist classics like Capital, Leftwing Communism, State and Revolution, CP Study guides … and so on. Let alone the subscriptions to the Left Book Club et al.

    We have nothing to be ashamed about regarding the elite of the educational establishments. George himself is an example of this.

    We should be stressing the importance of Marxist education and encouraging socialists and trade union people to daily read the trade union supported Morning Star instead of the Liberal Guardian or the Establishment BBC, really equip our folks for the battles ahead. Lets create socialists/ communists who are more committed to the labour and trade union movement than they are to left sects.

  2. jock mctrousers on said:

    It’s a pity George felt obliged to pretend that the guy was ignorant, rather than just lying black is white to get brownie points for his cv.

  3. That young student was so ignorant he brought on shame Oxford. So well done lad!

    Well done to George for highlighting the lads idiocy (though I would be minded of the blood pressure and calm down a little).

  4. jack ford on said:

    George gets passionate which can make it easier for his enemies to accuse him ranting. It is often a good idea to lower your voice this can enhance the effect of what you are saying. But otherwise yes respect to George for nailing these wankers.

  5. Incidentally I have watched this series of videos on youtube and George brilliantly explains his position and highlights the lies and distortions of his opponents.

    Still the best articulator on the UK left.

  6. mary seacole on said:

    I’m surprised to see no discussion on Socialist Unity about the by-elections in Rotherham and Croydon North. All the evidence is that Labour are in huge trouble in Rotherham and that UKIP and Respect are mounting a very strong challenge. Labour seem better set in Croydon but Lee Jasper for Respect has been mounting a very credible campaign. How bizarre then that the SWP has decided to call for a vote for Labour in Croydon and for the pathetic TUSC candidate in Rotherham. The Rotherham decision is simply sectarian given the TUSC candidate has run an incredibly sectarian campaign and will get a derisory vote reflecting that. The call for a vote for Labour in Croydon however is the electoral equivalent of scabbing. How could any self-respecting organisation claiming to be to the left of Labour, never mind revolutionary, support a call for Labour when Lee Jasper is a credible candidate of the radical left? The only mitigation in all of this is that what Socialist Worker says and does will have absolutely no effect on how anyone will vote in these elections. This is something the SWP might want to reflect on some 35 years after the organisation declared itself to be THE revolutionary party, except reflection seems to be something they are constitutionally incapable of.