Get your CLP to nominate left candidates for CAC and NCC

If there is one thing which the left should have learned over the last couple of  years, it is that  who controls the key positions in the party matters.

The constituency seats on the Conference Arrangements Committee and the National Constitutional Committee will be elected later this year. The CAC controls the conference agenda, and voting, and the NCC is in charge of the crucial disciplinary function. These elections matter.

The left candidates for these positions are as follows.

Seeking nominations for the Conference Arrangements Committee:

Seema Chandwani
Billy Hayes

Seeking nominations for the National Constitutional Committee

Anna Dyer
Emine Ibrahim

The closing date for nominations is Friday 23rd June. Please make sure that the nominations are raised at your constituency party meeting in time to meet that deadline.

Nominations can be submitted online by CLP Secretaries and Chairs at:

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