5 comments on “Gil Scott Heron – Winter in America

  1. Vanya on said:

    Genius. Possibly the best gig I ever went to was when I saw him at the International in Manchester 30 years ago.

    Every time I hear his stuff (and it’s on juke boxes in a couple of the pubs I frequent) it sounds so fresh and on point.

    And his dad played for Celtic.

  2. I saw him at the Jazz Café in Camden 16 or so years ago. It was fantastic (even if he appeared ever so slightly stoned).

    “Winter in America” appears in the soundtrack of the excellent “The Weather Underground” documentary over a segment illustrating the receding of 60’s radicalism and the coming of Reaganism.

    Really atmospheric and the highlight of that film for me.

  3. John Grimshaw on said:

    I saw him at Glastonbury in 1986. I’d never heard of him before. He rolled up 20 minutes late with a glass of whiskey in one hand and the biggest spliff I’d ever seen in the other. He was bloody brilliant.

  4. #4 That would have been the same tour I expect. He played at the now long gone and much lamented International.