GMB warns of threat to 10000 jobs in Swindon if Britain leaves the EU.

GMB EU INActivists from the GMB trade union in Wiltshire and Swindon today demonstrated their support for remaining in the EU with a rally and leafleting session in Swindon Town Centre.

A formal report by Swindon Borough Council’s Economy and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee predicts that up to 10000 jobs are at risk if Britain leaves the EU

A recent discussion among GMB branch activists in Wiltshire revealed considerable dissatisfaction with the EU: with many feeling that too often the EU seems to be on the side of the big corporations instead of working people. However, the branch activists unanimously voted that they still believe UK workers are better off staying in the EU, not only for economic stability and job security, but also because many of the legal protections that working people enjoy nowadays originate in the EU.

The report from Swindon Borough Council suggest that about 20000 jobs in Swindon are dependent upon trade, and around half of those jobs are dependent upon trade specifically with the EU. It concludes that leaving the European Union (EU) would likely reduce sales and increase costs of trading with Europe causing employers to cut jobs. The report argues that if Britain left the EU, the costs of exporting goods to Europe could rise which is likely to affect the volume of sales. Manufacturing businesses would be most affected, but also wholesale and retail, transport and storage, accommodation and food, banking and finance sectors could also be significantly affected

Swindon Borough Council’s economic plan is built on the idea of expanding employment in advanced engineering and manufacturing, and upon continued strong performance from the automotive sector. These are the very areas at risk if the UK leaves the EU

The question is what is the best decision for jobs and the economy in Swindon. You don’t have to be an enthusiast for the EU to see that leaving would be a tremendous risk for jobs.

Wiltshire and Swindon GMB has no hesitation in recommending our members to vote to remain on 23rd June

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