1. Well one of his first lines is about “voting for a government that cares about you, that will deliver social change”.

    How many working class people really believe Gordon Brown cares about them?

    More to the point does Paul Kenny really believe Gordon Brown cares about working class people?

    It is one thing to argue a Labour government is the lesser of two evils, but another to insult our intelligence.

  2. Eddie on said:

    Vote Labour for social justice:

    1. More privatisation of public services than Thatcher and Major combined
    2. Increased the gap between rich and poor.
    3. Lost more manufacturing jobs than any other UK government in history
    4. Let the free market rip and then used Billions of pounds of our money to bail them out.
    5. Protects the contractual rights of bankers bonuses – rips up the contractual rights of low paid public sector workers
    6. If elected promises cuts more severe than those delivered by Thatcher.

    Instead of giving millions of pounds of low paid workers subs to the Labour Party why doesn’t the GMB (and Unite and Unison) ballot its members of whether or not they wish their union to remain affiliated to it and spend the money instead fighting the forthcoming cuts and standing up for the members interests?

  3. Manzil on said:

    It’s understandable that trade union leaders, who are concerned with the daily struggle for their members, will have to take a pragmatic approach to the election and publicly endorse a Labour victory as the only way to prevent a Conservative government which will be far more repressive when it comes to union legislation, spending cuts etc.

    That doesn’t require them to lie to their members and the labour movement about the fundamentally anti-union agenda of this, and any fourth term Labour government. Indeed in many respects a re-elected Labour will have to be far more savage when it comes to public sector bay bargaining, social spending, minimum wage increases etc. We are voting Labour in spite, not because of its policies and its attitude towards working-class needs.

    Trade unionists need to be prepared to confront the next government, whether it’s Labour or Tory. The recession and the need to placate the markets by paying down the debt will suffocate any social democratic inclinations amongst Labour MPs.

    Pretending this is not the case simply disarms the workers’ movement and will leave us emotionally unprepared for what may be a difficult time ahead.

  4. anonymous on said:

    After the Digital Economy Bill I will not only not be voting Labour, I will make a point of telling as many people as possible not to vote Labour.

  5. Pero on said:

    Well I don’t agree with Paul Kenny.

    There’s the option of voting Respect, Green, Plaid, SNP, Liberal Democrat, Mebyon Kernow, or for a progressive independent if you want to avoid a candidate standing for a party that has taken an neo-liberal approach in Government.

    For the future I’d like to hope the letter in the Guardian from left and green candidates is the beginning of a Left-Green Alliance in this country.