7 comments on “Introducing Grassroots Out…the people’s campaign for Brexit

  1. Karl Stewart on said:

    Yep, there are some daft individuals on either side of the EU debate.

    I’ll be voting ‘leave’ because the EU is a wholly undemocratic and unaccountable organisation which acts solely in the interests of big business and against working people everywhere.

    For example, the EU prevented Greece from carrying out the democratic wishes of its people, and would do so again in similar circumstances.

    I think we should vote to leave the EU and urge people of other EU nations to leave as well in solidarity – in my opinion, leave is the better option from a left and internationalist perspective.

  2. Andy Newman on said:


    I listened to the whole thing. The longest 3 minutes of my life.

    At least it proves that even without the EU then the UK could do without the imported Cheeky Girls.

    we could even export ignorance and cultural impoverishment to the rest of the world