Israel: arresting children

Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children should be enough to convince its supporters that something is badly wrong. The utterly disgraceful way children are treated – arrested for the smallest of crimes, tried as adults in military courts, often made to sign confessions in Hebrew (often after having been left in solitary confinement with no visits from parents or lawyers), and then given sentences out of all proportion to any of those that would be given to Israeli children – should be an international scandal. The truth can be too much to bear, perhaps. If you support Israel, you are supporting the arbitrary detention and torture of children, full stop.

The truth is, huge numbers of Palestinian children have been arrested and locked away in Israeli dungeons. But most of it happens away from the cameras. The very fact that Palestinian children are subject to a completely different justice system to Israeli children is just one more reason to say: Israel is an apartheid state.

If you want to compare, watch the video below, which shows Zionist settlers attacking a Palestian village under the full gaze of the military. There are no arrests.

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