Israel: Stealing water from the Palestinians

One of the great Zionist lies is that Israel “made the desert bloom”. It didn’t. Palestine was doing just fine til Israel came along. But it isn’t now. Despite Ramallah getting more rainfall per year than London, water supplies are a real problem in occupied Palestine. Except for one group: the Israelis, and the illegal settlers. Israel steals vast quantities of water from Palestine, ensuring that the Palestinians are left with a pittance.

Not just that – Israel long ago made it illegal for Palestinians to sink wells, or to take water from Israeli wells. Palestinians are regularly shot, attacked and imprisoned simply for trying to get water.

The graphic below, from the excellent Visualising Palestine, describes the problem. Please feel free to share it – and next time a supporter of Israel tells you it’s a democratic, peaceful state, remind them: This is apartheid. Different roads for Jews. Military trials for Palestinians – in fact a completely different set of laws applied to Palestinians. Water denied to the Palestinians. “Skunk water” sprayed over Palestinian homes and farms. And, in Gaza, the deliberate total destruction of the sewer system, so the Gaza coastline stinks like a sewer and presents serious health risks to the population. This was carried out by Israel as a parting gift when it withdrew from Gaza and sealed its population in (along with massive destruction of Palestinian graves by IDF soldiers).

This is apartheid.

Israel - stealing West Bank water

7 comments on “Israel: Stealing water from the Palestinians

  1. It’s one of those “non-lethal” weapons the IDF uses. It’s an outrageously bad-smelling water that they spray all over demonstrators and, more often than not, over farms and houses in the occupied territories. They’ve been filmed using it on groups of peaceful protestors.

    The BBC reported it as “An overpowering mix of rotting meat, old socks that haven’t been washed for weeks – topped off with the pungent waft of an open sewer.”

  2. Sometimes I despair. No matter how many facts we’ve got on our side, there’s this crushing weight of Zionist propaganda that persists.

    On a Google Earth discussion board, someone made an ‘overlay’ showing all the Palestinian villages that were wiped out from 1948. The response from a Zionist? “This is a lie. There was no ethnic cleansing.”

    This absolute wall of deceit is designed to make you give up, of course – it’s not just self-delusion on the part of the person saying it, it’s consciously designed to make you WTF yourself into silence.

  3. Manzil on said:

    Aye, truly unnerving. A rational person confronted with such a complete negation of the historical record cannot BUT question themselves a little.

    I believe the show South Park referred to it as the Chewbacca Defence.

    But anyway, ugh. Now I know about skunk water. Charming. Definitely wasn’t just a little but sick in my mouth…

  4. Omar on said:

    This water theft/destruction has been going on for ages. I supplied a research paper from 1995 to Andy a couple of years ago (which he used for a post on the subject) of the wholesale destruction of Gaza Palestinians irrigation system by Israel. Unfortunately I can’t find the search function here but it was an eye-opening paper.

  5. The search button’s gone for now cos WordPress search is so unutterably awful – I’m gonna replace it with a proper search tool. In the meantime, you might find it if you google a few keywords plus in the search box.