Keith Vaz in Swindon speaking to GMB members of Goan heritage

keith vaz in swindon

Keith Vaz gave an inspirational speech in South Swindon to around 100 GMB members , mainly of Goan, heritage last Saturday.

He spoke movingly of his parents’ own experience, working hard as first generation immigrants, and by their sacrifice, gave him and his sisters the opportunity of a better life. He said he could tell that our GMB members had hard working lives, he could see it “etched in their faces”, he had joined Labour when inspired by Harold Wilson, saying that Labour would welcome people from every culture and give them equal opportunity.

Labour and GMB are working with the Goan community in Swindon, and they need to help themselves by voting Labour , and returning Anne Snelgrove to parliament, where a Labour government will abolish zero hour contracts and raise the minimum wage.

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  1. Great read! Your article is really interesting. I thought you might like the filmed programme- ‘QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with chips’.

    In the short video, prospective parliamentary candidates sit down for supper with young volunteers to discuss the big political ideas .From immigration, economic growth and the EU to free speech, humanitarian intervention and building homes ourselves; they put cracking questions to candidates. But, do they get answers they are looking for? You decide.

    You can watch the short video here:

    We would be delighted to get your feedback/comments on the video and would very grateful if you would embed the video and shared this programme with your friends and networks who may be interested.

    Thank you.

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