7 comments on “Mayor Ken Livingstone’s speech in response to 7/7

  1. Andy H on said:

    Never a big fan of Ken as Mayor (mostly due to his complete ignorance of anywhere beyond zone 3 while mayor, except at election time) but I’d forgotton how well judged his comments and overall response to the bombings on 7th July were.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Joseph on said:

    I remember the left being pretty outraged by Ken Livingstone in the days after 7/7. It was mainly due to a speech he made in Trafalgar square a day or two after this one, where he said the bombers hated our way of life.

  3. Vanya on said:

    #3 I do. I was in Manchester Crown Court in Crown Square.

    #4 I don’t remember that. Presumably there was more to it?

  4. John Grimshaw on said:

    I also remember where I was dave. I had to walk all the way from Camden to Bethnal Green with loads of other very calm people.

  5. Hahaha – Fair comments – and I shouldn’t be callous – I remember hearing that it occurred within Marxism (you know, that thingy that some group does?) so lots of them lot who were on the tubes, being interviewed by the BBC, were not giving the “correct” answers, and the reporters tried instructing them on how they should feel!