Momentum election results

I was delighted to see a strong and successful showing by sensible centre-left candidates in Momentum’s internal elections. Particular commiserations to David Braniff-Herbert in South East region, who came fourth, but failed to be elected due to gender balancing. The full results are here. Turnout was 35%.

These are the candidates elected.

North and Scotland region:

Elizabeth Hayden, Gemma Thornton, Nav Mishra, John Taylor

Midland, Wales, East and West region:

Rida Vaqua, Cecile Wright, Martin Menear, Liz Hames

South-East region:

Christine Shawcroft, Yannis Gourtsoyannis, Puru Miah, Sahaya James

Momentum has been mobilising effectively for the Copeland and Stoke Central by-elections, and under its new leadership I am confident that Momentum will turn outwards away from internal squabbling, and will be working for a Labour general election victory.

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