Link: ‘My best run’: an arrested anti-fascist speaks

“We held the line because we were led to believe that was what was necessary to stop them passing. I hope it was. I think to some extent we had the easier target, we didn’t have the EDL. We need to remember that when the police pulls a fascist attempt to march before it ends, its because they realise that they can’t police it if the community tries to drive them back. If they move it from outer to central London, its because they want to ensure that they can control the situation and disarm resistance with greater ease. Its their turf. We can’t get away with the things we got away with in Tower Hamlets and Walthamstow.”

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One comment on “Link: ‘My best run’: an arrested anti-fascist speaks

  1. [note from tony: ridiculous right-wing troll deleted. This same person posted a while ago, doing a “don’t look at Israel, look at something else instead” bit of trolling. Guess what the nasty piece of work posted today? He said that the people who signed a letter against the EDL should instead have signed a letter against a tiny irrelevant Muslim group. Yup – the EDL has terrorised towns and cities, has firebombed mosques, has assaulted women (remember, 75% of attacks against Muslims are by men, and 66% of attacks against people in Islamic clothing are against women – that’s right, these disgusting cowards attack women cos they’re that brave) – this right-wing troll, who claims to be progressive, thinks it’s more important that white people unite against a group of Muslims that’s only a few dozen in number, instead of fighting against an actual street movement that may very well be responsible for murder.

    Well, you ridiculous disgrace of a human being, on SU we’re proud to stand with the oppressed – we don’t attack them, and we don’t post anonymously trying to deflect attention against real crimes being committed.

    It’s funny how the only time this pathetic troll posts is to write apologetics for Israel’s torture of children or when the white community unites against racists – and this pathetic troll is so much of a coward, he won’t even have the guts to identify himself. Hey troll, you must be so terrified that the rest of us are uniting against the sort of crimes you clearly admire.]