No to Edl March in Bradford

From the Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Paul Meszaros and Lorraine Fitzsimons hold boxes containing the anti-EDL petition at Forster Square StationTen thousand Bradfordians opposed to the proposed English Defence League (EDL) march in the city centre will have their voices heard by the Home Secretary.

Members of Bradford Together – a banner organisation seeking a ban on the far-right group – were travelling to London today with a petition backing their aims.

Paul Meszaros, who has co-ordinated the Telegraph & Argus-backed campaign, will hand the 10,000-name document to Home Secretary Theresa May.

It will show the strength of feeling against the EDL, which intends to bring its supporters to Bradford on Saturday, August 28.

The T&A Back the Ban campaign was started to prevent any groups stoking violence in our city and has been supported by Christian and Muslim leaders, politicians, peace activists and Bradfordians of all walks of life.

Mr Meszaros will travel with Hope not Hate organiser Lorraine Fitzsimons and anti-fascist campaigner and magazine editor Nick Lowles.

He said: “We have had an overwhelming response to the petition from the people of Bradford, who have said in no uncertain terms that they do not want to see outsiders coming to this city intent on causing damage.”

5 comments on “No to Edl March in Bradford

  1. Dick W on said:

    Lets hope that the proposed EDL march in Bradford on August 28th is banned.

    However, the joint statement from West Yorkshire Police and Bradford MDC makes it clear the EDL are still likely to go ahead with a static protest in Bradford even if the march is banned. Indeed the Bradford Telegraph and Argus report 10th August that Bradford Council is spending £100,000 to reinforce fencing around the city centre urban garden, ahead of the protest by the English Defence League.

    It would appear that the ‘We are Bradford’ celebration of multicultural Bradford to be held in Bradford city centre on the same day as the EDL static protest is gaining increasing support within Bradford itself:
    ‘The event on 28 August is supported by…
    David Ward MP Bradford East, Rev. Chris Howson City Mission priest, MS Kahn member, Council for Mosques, Rachel Yosef member, Bradford Synagogue Council, Abdul Nasir IslamBradford, Elizabeth Lawrence UCU regional secretary and NEC member, Geraint Evans branch secretary Bradford UCU ACE, John Campbell chair, Yorkshire and Humber UAF and Unison NEC member, Bill Greenshields National Union of Teachers past president, Rev. Lynn Britten, Little Lane church, Kanja Sesay NUS Black students’ officer and ex Bradford University student union communications officer, Abdul Basit Ali Black and ethnic minority students officer, Bradford University students’ union, Ratna Lachman JUST West Yorkshire, Rev. Clare MacLaren vicar, St Martin and St Barnabas church, Heaton, Liz Firth Communities Organised for the Common Good of Bradford, Ashiq Hussain chair, We are Bradford, Sarah Cartin vice-chair CND (pers cap) and former Bradford University student union officer, Hildah Mpofu, Rezza Faissaly, Richard Hargreaves, Nerimaz, M Pearse Bradford Immigration and Asylum Support and Advice Network, Will Sutcliffe Bradford Ecumenical Asylum Concern, Bruce Gulland, Bradford ESOL lecturer, Dennis White Bradford NUT, Lindsey Johnson Bradford Education Business Partnership, Stephen Paul Drake BYDP youth support worker, PM de Villiers Bradford Cathedral, Zaffar Hussain probation officer, Helen Forbes ACE UCU Bradford College, S Ahmed Family Action, Naeem Amza finance officer, Girlington Advice Centre, Sumara Sultan MPAC UK, A Mohmin MBU, Mary Dawson Bradford Community Broadcasting, Yorkshire CND’

    Packed organising meeting for ‘We are Bradford’ event

    ‘We are Bradford’

  2. SteveH on said:

    Yes, I hope the main focus is building a counter demo/celebration. Signing a piece of paper is fine but arses off seats is better.

  3. Halshall on said:

    #2 Red Rob

    ‘Hmmm. A lot of nobodies and a ConDemMP.’

    And who might you be Rob ?

    At least the Lib Dem MP was a (concerned)local one.

    Ask yourself if the petition fails (and I’ve signed it too) then what next ?

  4. “These people will be battered by the EDL.”

    Do you support the EDL or something, ‘Red’ Bob? Or is there a good reason for writing what looks suspiciously like a threat designed to discourage people from opposing the EDL?