Solidarity Protest Against Greek Fascism

May Day protest in AthensThis Saturday 19 January will see a huge demonstration in Greece against racism and the rise of the fascist Golden Dawn party, and protests in solidarity across the globe, including in London, New York, Sydney and many cities across Europe and beyond. Unite Against Fascism (UAF),  have organised a protest outside the Greek embassy in London. UAF is also sending a delegation from Britain to join the march, rally and festival in Athens.

Speakers include: David Lammy MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tony Benn, Jennifer Moses (National Officer for Equality & Training NASUWT), Rahil Liapopoulou (actor from Greece), Owen Jones (Columnist), Daniel Trilling (Author of Bloody Nasty People – The rise of Britain’s far right & Assistant Editor, The New Statesman), Gerry Gable (Editor, Searchlight), Elizabeth Mantzari (Solidarity with the Greek resistance), Ipek Ozerim (Embargoed!) Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah (UK Black Pride), Aaron Kiely (NUS Black Students Officer) Haci Ozdemir (Refugee Workers Cultural Association), representatives from Syriza, Greece Solidarity Campaign and Day-Mer

Support for the London demonstration comes from across all communities, with particular endorsement from Greek organisations in Britain and from the Turkish, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other communities which have a strong presence in both Athens and London. The international day of action will see the most coordinated protests in dozens of cities worldwide against fascism for decades.Solidarity protests supporting Athens have been called in cities around the world this Saturday. These include: Dublin, Derry, Cork, Barcelona, Ossona (Milan), La Garriga (Barcelona), Bilbao, Lyon, Copenhagen, Vienna, Tampere (Finland), Warsaw, Moscow, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Sydney, Canberra, Ljubljana, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol

 Joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, Sabby Dhalu, says:

“Racism and fascism are on the rise across Europe, especially in this climate of economic hardship and crisis. The threat is nowhere greater than in Greece. But we are not immune here in Britain, where we still have two fascist MEPs and various unscrupulous forces are adding to a climate of intolerance and xenophobia.

“UAF is proud to be calling this protest on Saturday, drawing in a coalition of many others who oppose the threat of fascism. It will send a message to friends in Greece that we are on their side and will not stand idly by as open fascists rear their heads. It is also a stepping stone in our campaign in Britain to drive back racism, to ensure that thugs like the EDL are not allowed to terrorise multiracial areas, to force out Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons (elected for the fascist BNP four years ago) at the European elections in 2014, and to contribute to creating a public climate in which racism and xenophobia are marginalised.”

Demonstration: Saturday 19 January, 12 noon, Greek Embassy, 1A Holland Park, Notting Hill, London W11 3TP

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  1. jack ford on said:

    The reason these neo Nazi scumbags are infesting Greece is a direct result of the brutality of draconian austerity imposed on Greece by the banksters and the EU elite. It has driven people to despair following which the far right scapegoats foreigners and immigrants and some are ready to listen.

    The ultimate secret of the financial crisis, the thing that nobody anywhere wants to talk about is this: if a country gets into a credit crisis, defaulting on its debts is the one option that consistently leads to recovery.

    That statement ought to be old hat by now. Russia defaulted on its debts in 1998, and that default marked the end of its post-Soviet economic crisis and the beginning of its current period of relative prosperity. Argentina defaulted on its debts in 2002, and the default put an end to its deep recession and set it on the road to recovery. Even more to the point, Iceland was the one European country that refused the EU demand that the debts of failed banks must be passed on to governments; instead, in 2008, the Icelandic government allowed the country’s three biggest banks to fold, paid off Icelandic depositors by way of the existing deposit insurance scheme, and left foreign investors twisting in the wind. Since that time, Iceland has been the only European country to see a sustained recovery.

    I might add that Iceland has been the only country eccentric enough to actually prosecute some bankers unlike our country where nothing is done to punish Bob Diamond and the rest of the criminals in the City of London.

    Greeks are terrified that defying the bankers would lead to Greece being forced out the Euro and their savings replaced by worthless drachmas following which Greece would struggle to pay for imports.

    However I don’t think a Greek default on its unpayable debt need have affected the euro at all and the bankers’ bluff can be called.


    “At every twist and turn in the eurozone crisis we hear news of some cunning plan to solve the eurozone’s problems. The latest plan is the so called fiscal union, which as I explained in a recent post is not actually a fiscal union at all. Meanwhile the newspapers in feature articles and letter columns are awash with more such plans offered by various thinkers, pundits and economists. I have long since lost count of the number of plans.

    What all these plans have in common is their quite extraordinary complexity. They remind me of the similarly complex plans of the 1920s such as the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan, which were designed to enable Germany to go on borrowing money whilst running a trade deficit so that it could continue to make reparations payments. In the end all these plans failed and Germany defaulted on its reparations payments. It is now generally acknowledged that what these plans instead did was weaken the financial system and help pave the way for the Depression.

    Speaking for myself I am at a complete loss to understand the need for these plans or why the sovereign debt problems of some eurozone countries should have become a problem for the eurozone at all. What would have been simpler when Greece ran into difficulties last year than for Greece to be told that since the eurozone is only a currency union Greece’s debt problems did not concern it and that Greece needed to resolve its debt problems by itself by talking directly with its creditors? Possibly Greece might have defaulted but why should that have affected the euro? Some of Greece’s creditors might have found themselves in trouble but given that all the relevant treaties and the repeated statements of the German government say that the eurozone is not a transfer union the creditors would in that case have had no one to blame but themselves. If the creditors had gone bust then it would have been for the governments of the states in which they were based to decide what to do. Any of the creditors that were banks could for example have been quickly nationalised with steps taken to protect their depositors. If the banks had been allowed to go bust this would not have cost much money at all.

    If a Greek default had led to a contagion effect so that other eurozone governments were forced into default the same principle would apply. Though even more banks might have had to be nationalised in the end the debts of the defaulting countries would have been written off. Since the eurozone is only a currency union there is no reason why any eurozone state that had defaulted on its debts would have had to leave it. There would have been no need to impose austerity on the defaulting states or large transfers on the remaining solvent states.

    It seems to me that the course I have just outlined would not only have saved everyone a great deal of time and trouble but is a great deal simpler than any of the plans proposed. It also has the advantage of being the course that was originally envisaged in the treaties as well as being consistent with the prevailing free market economic philosophy of our times. A large number of bankers would have lost their jobs and their shareholders would have lost their money but given that they foolishly lent money on the assumption that the eurozone is a transfer union when the treaties clearly say otherwise they would have had no one to blame but themselves. Isn’t accepting responsibility for one’s mistakes what capitalism is supposed to be about?”


  2. jack ford: I don’t think a Greek default on its unpayable debt need have affected the euro at all and the bankers’ bluff can be called.

    You raise an interesting thought, and the points you make highlight the hypocrisy of the German position.

    However, in reality the Eurozone is more than merely a currency union. It is the core of an economic and political bloc- a capitalist bloc, in which Germany is of course at present the most dominant power.

    The EU will not tolerate a unilateral default by Greece as a Eurozone member. Were Greece to do so, the dominant forces in the EU would do their very best (which could be quite a lot) to exact punishment on the Greeks- even worse than they are currently receiving- and it is difficult to conceive that they would not be forced out of the Eurozone.

  3. anticapitalista on said:

    #5 Pity the KKE doesn’t support the events for 19 January in Athens and they didn’t support the demo in Petralona on Thursday evening (with over 2000 present)

  4. BTW Jack Ford, you say “the bankers’ bluff can be called”.

    Presumably you mean by this the private sector bankers?

    But a very high proportion of Greek government debt is owed to the European Central Bank, the IMF, and the central banks of other EU countries.

    According to The Economist in June 2011:

    “Between the ECB’s bond-buying programme and bail-out loans the European governments, the IMF, the ECB and euro-zone national central banks now hold more than 50% of Greece’s public debt.”

    It’s quite likely that the proportion of Greece’s state debt which is owed to what might be denoted as the international imperialist public sector has since increased, given that in 2012 the Germans agreed that the ECB could purchase more state bonds of debt-crisis afflicted Eurozone countries, in order to ‘save the Euro’.

    BTW, I’m not at all arguing that Greece should not default. But this would require an extreme level of courage by the Greeks, given the inevitable punitive counter-response from much more powerful countries. This can be suspected as a main factor in why SYRIZA did not do better, and the Communist vote decreased, in the 2012 Greek elections.

  5. Fascist ‘anti-fascism’?
    Fake Left in Bed with Troika…
    Leon Trotsky bitterly denounced “the empty abstraction of anti-fascism” and the Popular Front in his writings on Spain as follows: “The very concepts of ‘anti-fascism’ and ‘anti-fascist’ are fictions and lies. Marxism approaches all phenomena from a class standpoint. [Republican prime minister] Azaña is ‘anti-fascist’ only to the extent that fascism hinders bourgeois intellectuals from carving out parliamentary or other careers. Confronted with the necessity of choosing between fascism and the proletarian revolution, Azaña will always prove to be on the side of the fascists. His entire policy during the seven years of revolution proves this.”
    What are the real reasons behind the hue and cry against Golden Dawn?
    There is an international effort by the British media (e.g. Paul Mason on Newsnight), the Greek corporate media, Reuters, the US media (New York Time) and a whole host of organisations the world order who are embedded to the agenda of the corporate New World Order. This is the same corporate media that sold the lies of Al Quaeda and Weapons of Mass Destruction to launch the ‘War on Terror’ i.e. the neo-colonialist brutal occupation of both Afghanistan and Iraq on behalf of the oil and drug cartels that are part of the clique that rules the world.

    In the piece below:
    “Love or nothing: The real Greek parallel with Weimar

    Paul Mason, who originates from the ‘Far’ Left, asserts the following:

    “Of all the operas written during Germany’s Weimar Republic (1919-33), probably the most haunting is the last.

    Kurt Weill’s The Silver Lake, written with playwright Georg Kaiser, tells the story of two losers – a good-hearted provincial cop and the thief he has shot and wounded – as they make their way through a society ruined by unemployment, corruption and vice.
    After spending a week again in Greece – amid riots, hunger and far right violence – I finally understood it.”

    When in reality if one is to use culture to be appropriate for Greece one would have to use Brecht or more appropriately his last play written in 1929 ‘St Joan of the Slaugherhouse’ which depicts the collapse of capitalism. History does not repeat itself in a linear fashion. Stalinism and fascism aren’t coming back in the same form. They are dead.

    Searching for historical parallels and from them issuing statements about Greece, which not so long ago was characterised as having ‘humane capitalism’ but now it resembles Weimar Germany. This serves certain New World Order agendas, which is what Paul Mason’s role is.
    The rise and rise of Golden Dawn…
    Golden Dawn, whose precursor was EPEN which received 7% in 1977, are supporters of foreign backed military juntas and have constantly revealed this. They are embedded rightists who have supported the foreign backed juntas. In that sense they differ not one iota from the internal troika running Greece now. There never was a neo-nazi movement in Greece for it cannot have mass social support as Greece never was a developed imperialist state. This myth of the developed imperialist nature of Greece is peddled by those who are supporters and promoters of the cornerstones of EU free trade policies (in labour, capital and goods). The organisations that make up Syriza were either embedded PASOKites all their life or were supporters of Maastricht, ex-KKE who had no moral issue governing with New Democracy and PASOK in 1989 and 1990.
    On Saturday 6th December 2012 a demonstration organised by the Town Halls allegedly against ‘fascism’ occurred. Official participants in this demo was Kaminis (Athens Mayor), Vallianatos (head of the Homosexual Association of Greece), Manos (ex-New Democracy), Tzimeros (extreme free marketer), PASOK MP’s, Dimar, Syriza and Antarsya alongside Amnesty International and other US based NGO’s. We have had a Troika government for more than 2 ½ years; now an internal Troika (ND, PASOK, Dimar) are presiding over around 30% unemployment which shows no sign of abating and over 3,500 suicides without including those who have had heart attacks or diagnosed with a severe disease due to the economic crash (lack of medicines and hospital care being a permanent phenomenon). Instead of the Left campaigning on the streets to overthrow this Quisling formation, they are embedded in a parliamentary perspective which no longer holds water as the Government runs on Administrative Decrees which don’t follow due parliamentary process and German gauleiters introduced into every ministry until the end, i.e. till their final dissolution. No one has called for Genocide charges to be laid against the Troika and no one will; instead they now march with them on the streets as there is allegedly a greater danger lurking round the corner.
    Despite countless localised rebellions against the wave upon wave of illegal immigration, the violent deaths of countless Greeks young and old, nothing is heard or seen in the corrupt Mass Media: only reports of when an illegal immigrant has their forehead scratched or they allege they were sworn at or chased by people professing to be Golden Dawn do come alive. Golden Dawn hasn’t held a single national demonstration in Central Athens and neither has Syriza despite the fact that the situation is getting worse daily. What characterises this period, as opposed to the 1930’s, is that today no one wants to govern, neither the fake far Left nor the fake far Right.

    Last summer there was a dustmen’s strike against wage reductions and increases in work loads and the government, then under PASOK-Venizelos, employed illegal immigrants to break the strike. This is the agenda they want to impose right across the public sector, using the Bolkeinstein directive to permit companies to be set up so they pay e.g. Bulgarian minimum wages in Greece after they have subcontracted everything. Indicative of this is what occurred in Thessaloniki University where cleaning contractors employing Greeks struck for non-payment of contract payments. It lasted over a month. To ensure the viability of the strike, rubbish was allowed to pile up internally and eventually the Mayor Boutaris (from the well known winemaking corporation) called in the riot police to break the strike and arrest striking cleaners. Where was the fake Left?
    But more importantly, the ‘silent demo’ held in Athens on 6th December was organised by the Town Halls, the same town halls who are in conflict with their own workers in a long drawn out conflict where they want to sub-contract all council services to foreign multinationals, and here one understands why they funded an ‘anti-racist’ protest in Central Athens and invited all their political supporters the fake far left with representatives from the government.
    The class basis of fake ‘anti-fascism’ is here exposed fully…

    How can one claim to be on the far Left and support the imperialist EU project?

    How can one claim to be on the far Right and support the Euro stand for EU elections etc?

    Political analysis has degenerated from one which defines what one is from deeds, not words, to one which defines what one is from words, not deeds. So as Syriza calls itself the party of the ‘radical left’ it must be, so Golden Dawn must be neo-nazi as they printed an edition of their magazine praising Hitler. The so-called communists for decades defended Stalin’s gulags and the Greek KKE still does, so moral lectures from those quarters regarding their political positions are far and infrequent. They believe there is an upturn round the corner, that the collapse of capitalism can be arrested if only it changes course; that neo-Keynesianism is the solution to the crisis and that the stale parameters of the past, viewing things in terms of Right and Left, when what we are really confronted with is much worse: the erasure of nations from the map by the twin threat of economic immiseration and the flooding of labour markets by anyone and everyone from anywhere, a mini-USA, not in times of economic boom, but economic collapse.
    Imperialism has been in a state in collapse since the dawn of the 20th century. We had two imperialist world wars, countless of localised wars and, with the advent of the ex-USSR on the scene, the collapse of capitalism was arrested. But the system managed to go global with the fall of the ex-USSR. The world market exists for the production of goods. America became centre of the de facto world Empire.??? All other imperialisms were subsumed under it. The contradictions of the global system are now measured within the context of the collapse of US imperialism.

    The rise of the EU occurred as a first step towards a world government with a world currency. But, due to the crisis of overproduction, all the old antagonisms covered for a large historical period came to the surface with the collapse of Lehman Bros. No other area could be antagonistic or in competition with the USA. Hence the Euro had to be curtailed. Greece was chosen for that specific role. Socialism or barbarism has resurfaced not in the distant future but immediately. The economic hitmen of the Troika would make Hitler look like a democrat in peacetime (he provided jobs, albeit many for war production), our lot are the SS in suits. You won’t hear that from the fake left.

    The hue and cry over Golden Dawn has class roots. Those remaining on the left are middle class protest groups. Sensing their imminent immiserisation, want the working class to succumb to globalism as the only alternative to social struggles, to accepting internal colonies and open slave labour. If anyone questions the process they are to be labelled a ‘racist’ by these self-styled ‘anti-racists’, who have no moral objection to marching with the representatives of the Troika in Athens…
    Who wanted a parliamentary career and who blocked their rise into Parliament? ANTARSYA, EEK, KKE(ML), Den Plirono, EPAM, of they aggregated their votes and one would have got at least another 2% for Syriza hence…so their venom is on the rise of the ‘far right’.

    GD wouldn’t have been known if it wasn’t for its position on illegal immigration, or, more importantly for taking part in residents’ protests in central Athens against the squatter camps which developed in the centre. In 2009 they received 0.29% votes or around 20,000 votes, in the local council elections; in November 2010 they received 5.29% and Mihaloliakos was elected on the Athens City Council. A year later they got 6.97% in the May elections of 2012, surpassing the KKE, and a month later 6.92%, forcing the KKE into 7th place! Now they state it might become the 3rd party after Syriza and New Democracy. The irony of Greek rightist ‘nationalism’ is that GD supported the Euro in its inaugural speech as the Greek ‘people paid dearly for it’, they unfurled a ‘junta banner’ in a meeting in Crete during the celebrations over the fall of the Junta (i.e. the American backed Papadopoulos one) and, like Syriza, they haven’t held a single national demonstration and in their internal party briefings they have said members must play it cool waiting for the 7th MoU (we are now on the 3rd) and power will fall on their lap, in other words when 99% of Greeks are destitute they will…take over!

  6. #8 You talk about fake far-right and fake far-left.

    Ir you want to see genuine racist and genuine apologist for fascism, take a look in the mirror.

    And then f*** off.

  7. Dear Mr Newman
    Will you let have your direct email address.
    I would like to send you an article on the Stalinist regime inside the SWP, and also it wrong position on Syria, for possible publication.
    It’s too long to post as a comment.
    Cheers Jon