Robin Cook’s 2003 resignation speech to parliament over Iraq

In the lead up to the war in Iraq in 2003 few MPs emerged with clean hands, much less credit. Robin Cook stands out as one who did.

Another MP who emerged with credit from the disaster of Iraq is George Galloway. The differences I have with George over Brexit do not prevent me from joining the call for his expulsion from the Labour Party over his principled and unfailing opposition to this cataclysmic war to be revoked and revoked immediately.

Justice demands nothing less.

11 comments on “Robin Cook’s 2003 resignation speech to parliament over Iraq

  1. Marxist Lennonist on said:

    Very well put John. The case for George’s return to Labour, irrespective of his views on other areas of controversy for the left, has gone from strong to overwhelming. And Tony Blair should be expelled

  2. IAN CAMERON on said:

    Sincerely. Thank you very very much for posting this up to re listen too.

  3. IAN CAMERON on said:

    Memory problem in the back row who is/was the dark suited MP to the far right hand side behind R C as it were? Know his face but just cant recal his monika.

  4. Vanya on said:

    #6 Unless there are moves a afoot to expel Dennis Skinner, Graham Stringer, Tom Mann or Kate Hoey, why should it be a problem?

  5. Vanya on said:

    #9 My bad as the kids say. Obviously I meanth John Mann. There are of course issues unconnected to the EU question that would lead some to question whether his position might be untenable.

  6. Vanya on said:

    #11 There will be all sorts of objections from what I suspect will be a minority (by and large those who also object to JC), I just don’t think the Brexit issue will be too much of a problem. Maybe I’m wrong.