As soon as this pub closes

I was fortunate enough to be at the Brick lane launch of Trade Union Pale Ale (TUPA) last Friday evening.

A more public launch is planned at a pub in Salford in February. There will be a £5 entry charge, with pints of TUPA selling at £2 all night. Music to be provided by Joe Solo, Conor Molloy and Boss Caine. The event is supported by ASLEF, FBU, GMB, RMT, Thompsons Solicitors and TSSA. Contact Brigadista Ale for details

However, the London launch upstairs in a rather intimate curry house was for the trade union sponsors, and I was there as a (admittedly small scale) customer, as my GMB branch has made an investment in 100 cans, along with assorted mugs, jute bags, and now T-shirts.

TUPA follows the success of Brigadista Ale as a fund raising project for Hope Not Hate. Selling at a very reasonable £2 per pint drawn from the barrel on the launch night, the beer certainly proved popular, and is a quality product, with a slightly fruity body to it.

Creating a fun and vibrant culture around trade unionism is important to sustain the networks and relationships of trust which the movement relies upon, and indeed providing a welcoming atmosphere for new activists to enter into. Top marks to Matt Wrack of the FBU for a spirited rendition of the ballad of Casey Jones, and Steve Hedley of RMT for a song about Irish volunteers in the Spanish civil war.

My own acheivements were more modest, managing to drop curry down my shirt, and accidentally spill beer over an ITN journalist!

Anyway, it is a good beer. Buy it and drink it. In so doing you help raise money for Hope Not Hate.

13 comments on “As soon as this pub closes

  1. Andy Newman on said:

    Phil: People need to know these things!

    I am.told “4.5%. Not sure of the hops. Brewer not being named yet, until we have reinforced and fireproofed their windows and doors.”

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  2. George W on said:

    No he sold it a couple of years ago. You used to get money off if you showed your union card. Don’t think that stills goes on. Cracking pub tho. Some great pubs round there.

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  3. Another fine article. Finger on the pulse. This site hasn’t gone downhill at all. Could we have more articles on what’s going on in Swindon GMB, though? We need to know.

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  4. jack: Could we have more articles on what’s going on in Swindon GMB, though?

    to be fair, I did mention in this article that Wiltshire and Swindon GMB had bought 100 cans of beer, so you are still up to date with the cutting edge information

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