Standing on Earth, not rapt above the Pole,

Standing on Earth, not rapt above the Pole,
More safe I Sing with mortal voice, unchang’d

Readers will have noticed that the SU website has not been updated recently.

As many of you know, my teenage son was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia last July. I am pleased to say that he is currently in remission following brilliant treatment from the NHS. However, the whole process was and continues to be exhausting, and he still needs daily care as he has not yet returned to school. This is why I have had less time for politics generally and less time for the website in particular.

God willing, the situation will continue to improve, and I have not discontinued my interest in the SU website, I just need a rest. I will continue to post here but less frequently, and I have a couple of projects in hand that should result in articles on famine in Mao’s China, and a bibliographic essay on the history of what was actually existing socialism in East Germany.

21 comments on “Standing on Earth, not rapt above the Pole,

  1. Karl Stewart on said:

    Best wishes to you and your family and hoping for a full recovery Andy.

  2. Omar on said:

    Sincere wishes for a speedy recovery for your son, Andy, and some peace and rest for you. The good news is that leukemia treatment has come along in leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades so the outlook looks good. One of my colleague’s children developed it at age four and has been in complete remission for about five years,now.

  3. Very sorry to hear it, Andy. You have your priorities right – there are some things much more important than politics. Best wishes for a full recovery.

  4. jock mctrousers on said:

    Glad to hear you’re ok, Andy – I was wondering what was up. I remember you mentioned your son’s health problems before. Best wishes.

  5. jock mctrousers on said: