Swindon takes the lead in removing parking restrictions for Cash in Transit vehicles

GMB, the union for security staff and the cash in transit industry, welcome the unanimous vote, with cross party support, of Swindon Borough Council last night to remove yellow line parking restrictions for cash in transit (CIT) vehicles making deliveries.

The motion was moved by Labour leader Jim Grant, and seconded by Gary Perkins for the Conservatives.

Carole Vallelly, GMB Regional Organiser, said “GMB welcome the decision. The removal of parking restrictions on CIT vans in town centres has been a long standing GMB demand.

“The motion allows security staff making cash deliveries to park on double yellow lines, in order to both shorten the length of time and distance that they have to carry cash, and also to make their movements less predictable, making robbery less likely.

“This move has been the result of effective and persistent lobbying of our local politicians by GMB. We congratulate the Labour group of councillors, and Jim Grant in particular, for skillfully guiding this through with cross party support.

“Up until now, GMB members in the cash in transit sector have had a choice of lawfully parking some distance from the bank where they are making the delivery to, and therefore exposing themselves to the risk of violent attack while they walk to the delivery point, or parking on a yellow line nearer to the bank and risking a parking fine.

“These workers are typically low paid, and have been required to personally pay the parking fines themselves. GMB is delighted that they can now park safely and near to the delivery point, without fear of being penalized by a fine they can ill afford to pay. GMB call on other councils to follow suit on this.”


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