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Solidarity with George Galloway


George Galloway was attacked in the street in London on Friday night.

Details surrounding the attack remain unclear, however it appears to have been over his staunch support for the Palestinian people and opposition to the apartheid State of Israel.

George Galloway is one of the most courageous political figures this country has ever had. He speaks his mind and has always been willing to stand alone if need be. He is the living embodiment of Bertolt Brecht’s admonition that “a communist has many dents on his helmet. And some of them are the work of the enemy.”

Even a fraction of the animus George attracts over his views and political principles would send most of us running for cover. This is why it is no exaggeration to state that he is well nigh irreplaceable.

However, regardless of his courage, George is a 60 year old man with a wife and baby. We can only hope they were not present to witness him being attacked.

Though loathed by some, he is loved and supported by many more, and this blog wishes him a speedy recovery.

Update: A 39 year old male has been charged with religiously aggravated assault in connection with the attack on George Galloway. His name is Neil Masterson

Here he is:






Galloway’s speech against Scottish independence in Edinburgh

At a Spectator-sponsored debate on Scottish independence in Edinburgh on Monday evening, chaired by Andrew Neil, George Galloway lined up on the No side of the argument alongside Tory MSP Annabel Goldie and Labour MSP Iain Murray. Putting the case for Yes were former SNP MSP Andrew Wilson, Jeane Freeman of Woman for Independence, and Blair Jenkins, Chief Executive of the Yes campaign.

I attended the event and have to say that even though I’ve heard George speak many times, I’ve rarely heard him speak with the kind of passion and fire he did on Monday night. He really did steal the show, blowing not just the opposition but the audience away in the process.

Each speaker was allotted nine minutes in which to make the case either for or against the motion on independence. Here’s George Galloway making his case:

Right wing group ‘Britain First’ issues online threat to George Galloway after attacking mosques in Bradford over the weekend

Press Release | Monday, May 12

Britain First threatens Bradford West MP

An online threat by the ultra-right wing Britain First organisation against George Galloway has been passed on to the West Yorkshire police force which is investigating the series of incursions by uniformed thugs into several Bradford mosques on Saturday.

“I tweeted about this desecration of Muslim holy places by jackbooted thugs and received an explicit threat from them,” the MP said. “I have handed over a screen grab of it to the police force who will investigate it thoroughly I am sure.”

Following a meeting with senior police commanders Galloway said, “The police are taking this extremely seriously and have set up a detective task force under a very distinguished officer. They are stressing that they need to talk to anyone who saw these Britain First stormtroopers, however briefly. I am urging those that did to talk to the police, dial 101 and tell what you know, or call in to any local station to give your evidence. This is crucial because these idiots are promising to return to cause more trouble. The sooner we clear them off the street by legal means the better.”

George Galloway is now touring the mosques which were raided.

Sillars v Galloway: How the independence debate is dividing the left

by Aiden James, BBC Scotland News

Jim Sillars and George Galloway

In many ways, Jim Sillars and George Galloway have much in common.

Both were Scottish Labour MPs at Westminster whose politics ultimately took them outside the Labour fold.

Both inflicted shock by-election defeats on their former party.

And both are now on the campaign trail ahead of Scotland’s independence referendum.

But while Mr Galloway wants to influence Labour at a UK level, Mr Sillars hopes for “a rejuvenated left-wing Labour Party” in an independent Scotland.

Mr Sillars sees a “Yes” vote as “the only thing that will deliver to the working class people in Scotland”. His left-wing counterpart describes independence as “a divorce which will destroy everything”.

Their situation illustrates the sharply different approaches that the radical left has taken to the independence debate.

While neither is at the bosom of the official referendum campaigns, both men are doing their bit to win over the voters for their respective sides.

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George Galloway pays tribute to Tony Benn

Tony-BennI was a “Bennite” (which became a considerable term of abuse in the 1980s) since the 1960s. I was brought up in a Labour household in which the premiership of Harold Wilson was the sun and in his constellation Mr Benn was the brightest of the many stars clustered around that Labour cabinet. There were so many stars – James Callaghan Roy Jenkins Barbara Castle Tony Crosland Richard Crossman Dennis Healey George Brown – but even in that company, the young, fresh-faced, bursting with ideas Wedgwood-Benn (as he was then known) stood out.

For us he seemed to exemplify the “white-hot heat” of the “technological revolution” – Mr Wilson’s wheeze for disguising his socialist purpose from a hostile media and the “Gnomes of Zurich” who, even then with their financial power had the means of destroying any real Labour government. Mr Benn was brimful of innovative unorthodoxy, and seemed just what the doctor ordered.
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