Tarantino, Alex Jones and the Ongoing Controversy of Gun Control and Violence in America

Interesting to see Tarantino become animated in his refusal to discuss violence in his movies. In the US the ongoing controversy of gun control in the wake of recent massacres and school shootings, the latest yesterday in Los Angeles, shows little sign of abating.

Britain’s Piers Morgan has found himself cast as the bete noire of the pro-gun lobby for using his CNN show to argue for gun control, with a petition calling for his deportation being instigated by shock jock and conspiracy nut Alex Jones.

Below the Tarantino interview is the YouTube of Jones’s tirade at Morgan during a recent interview about gun control.

8 comments on “Tarantino, Alex Jones and the Ongoing Controversy of Gun Control and Violence in America

  1. Jellytot on said:

    Jones is a grade a conspiracy loony and is only a couple of rungs down on that particular ladder from David Icke. Still, this infowars business has made him a very rich man, which was probably the main intention to it all.

    It was a tactical master stroke by Morgan and CNN to put him on to toxify the arguments of the other side.

  2. It’s telling that only in the US do these “libertarian” blowhards ever get this level of exposure. With the exception of Chomsky you rarely get that for truly left-wing commentators.

  3. Guns should be banned, but violent films are ace and should be encouraged. Even if they increase violence. Perhaps especially…

  4. BombasticSpastic on said:

    Morgan played Jones like a violin. I don’t think Morgan got thirty words in during a 13 minute ‘interview’. Give them enough rope…or in this case shells.

  5. I am with Alex Jones here as I cannot bring myself to agree with Morgan


    We don’t want Piers Morgan back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!