The day we kettled New Scotland Yard

We did it.


We kettled New Scotland Yard. It was estimated that we needed between 300 – 600 people to kettle New Scotland Yard (and that was based either holding hands or linking arms). But we did it.


There was around 2,000 people (maybe more…). We marched from Trafalgar Square, passed Downing Street, then onto Parliament Square where we showed solidarity and cheered Tamil protesters who also reciprocated by cheering back.


The demo was loud, lively and angry. We chanted ‘disband the TSG’ and ‘how many skulls have you cracked today’. And ‘no justice, no peace’!! The cops were lurking in the background including the TSG, who incidentally, were wearing their numbers.


Later, it was discovered 2 demonstraters towards the back were arrested, I don’t know why. But do the cops need a reason..?!?!

Part of the kettle

We got to New Scotland Yard where we kettled New Scotland Yard. Protesters encircled the whole of the building, a political symbolic gesture, the cops just stood there and watched. We held a minute’s silence for people who have died in the custody of the police.

Balloons released
Balloons released

Marcia and Samantha Rigg read out names of people who have died in police custody and then we released balloons to remember the dead. Speakers included the Green Party, the families of Roger Sylvester, Ricky Bishop, Sean Rigg and Brother Minkah.


The day was sombre, poignant, powerful and angry….

It was announced that there will be a protest outside the IPCC on the 10th July.


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15 comments on “The day we kettled New Scotland Yard

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Good to see how many people turned out. Hopefully lots of people will turn out to try and smash the left wing BNP at the next elections too.

  2. gadgie on said:

    That’s the best read I’ve had on socialist unity.
    can you kettle parliament next?

  3. Faust on said:

    That seems to be a police trend when a demo or protest takes place that annoys them – they pick off one or two people for arbitrary arrest.

  4. Faust: Yeah, the two who were arrested were at the back. Nobody knows why.
    The cops probably suffer withdrawal symptoms if they don’t arrest someone..!!!!!

  5. Steve R on said:

    #1 “left wing BNP”? what nonsense!
    “anonymous”? huh!

    “kettling” operation looks good: excellent pictures any video? long as we’re not saying that kettling is ok – so long as we can do it too! (mind you, we are actually the massive majority so we’d win in the end if it was a “kettling contest”….
    sunday morning’s eh?! (it IS Sunday?)

  6. That’s a fantastic protest and one of the best things I’ve seen on Socialist Unity since I started coming here a few weeks ago.

    I’m in if theres a kettling of Parliament going on. Then after that Buckingham Palace!

  7. I’m in if theres a kettling of Parliament going on. Then after that Buckingham Palace!

    Kettling Buckingham Palace!? Yes, yes, ten thousand times YES!!!

  8. Steve R: There was filming done (and not just by the FIT brigade!) by people, maybe Indymedia will have footage they have pix.
    The reason kettling was used for the demo (and one of the demands of the UCAPV is that kettling should be banned)was for a kind of political symbolism. Do what was done to us at the G20 protests at their headquarters but to show, as well, we are not like them (cops).

    It gave a powerful message as we all held hands/linked arms around New Scotland Yard facing the cops facing us, where we held a minutes silence. And names of the people who have died in police custody were read out, and then we released balloons.

    Left Outside/ibs: And indeed, kettling Parliament is a very good idea, along with kettling Buckingham Palace….

  9. June on said:


  10. John on said:

    The two protesters were arrested because they are animal rights supporters, who the police particularly like to pick on. First the man was plucked from the back of the march for no apparent reason and searched, then arrested, and when his partner started complaining about his treatment she was also arrested.