The other American election


The recent elections in the Teamsters have produced a remarkable result, with Fred Zuckerman, the left candidate supported by Teamsters United, and Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) actually winning the vote in the USA, but narrowly losing the overall vote once Canadian Teamsters are included.

Hoffa, the incumbent and son of his infamous father, received 100924 votes and Zuckerman received 94975, but taking into account only the US votes, Hoffa had 91403 to Zuckerman’s 92112.

Teamsters United swept to victory in Vice Presidential elections in the South and Central regions, based upon a more combative approach to trade unionism, and benefited from a previous No vote campaign by UPS workers against new contracts.

After the result, Zuckerman said:

We united members to save our union and rebuild Teamster Power—and we will continue our fight.

We built a coalition to unite Teamsters to win a better future—and this coalition is here to stay, because the problems we face are not going anywhere.

We united Teamsters to win strong contracts and defeat givebacks and concessions.

We united Teamsters to defend our pensions and benefits.

We united Teamsters to eradicate corruption because you cannot fight for the members when you are bought and paid for by the employers.

We united Teamsters to organize the unorganized because that is the only way to defend the standards in our core industries and to preserve our pensions and retirement security.

Employers and anti-worker politicians will continue to attack working Teamsters—and our coalition and movement will be there to fight back.

We will continue to unite Teamsters to fight for strong contracts, end corruption, defend our healthcare and pensions, and to take on union officials who stand with the employers, instead of the members.

We believe in coalitions and bringing union officers and members together and we will continue to do that. The election results show that many officers are badly out of touch. They need to start standing with their members or they will find themselves replaced by a new generation of Teamster leaders.

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