The Poetry of Anna Chen – Recommended

Anna Chen’s poetry collection — Reaching for my Gnu — is out as a paperback, £9.99, on Aaaargh! Press. To celebrate, the price of the Kindle eBook has dropped from £4.99 to £1.99.

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There’s plenty of political verse, all executed wit and a sharp insightful twist. Plus generally funny stuff for anyone interested in left-wing arts and culture.

A funny – often hilarious – collection of poetry by Anna Chen.

“The poems in this collection are graceful, muscular, playful, rich in both emotional depth and intellectual rigour; brimful of righteous anger and piercing wit; intent on revitalising both the truism that ‘the political is personal’ and its obverse – that the personal is political – by gleefully annihilating any notional barriers remaining between the two, or between the general and the particular. If you’re reading this and you’ve never seen Anna Chen perform, you’re in for a treat now and an even bigger one when you see her live. If, on the other hand, you bought this because you’ve just seen her read … you’ll be picking out some new favourites and hoping she does ’em next time you see her. Enjoy. I already have.” CHARLES SHAAR MURRAY

“As a poet Anna Chen is brilliant and dangerous. In Reaching For My Gnu she operates one wild-ride roller coaster that soars to altitudes of unfettered wit and then plunges with a startling and implacably knowing anger, stripping away pretence and pretension and targeting both ancient oppression and contemporary crime. “What work of depravity is a man who amasses more than he can spend in a lifespan?” Her deck of cultural references includes Poe and Freud, Stalin and Hemingway, junk food, Marlon Brando, Moby Dick, and Anna May Wong, and she deals these cards face up with a unerringly sense of history uniquely coupled with a perception that’s as topical as tomorrow.” MICK FARREN

” … heartfelt, funny, satirical, accessible and strong.” LABOUR BRIEFING



“Cutting edge.” STEWART LEE

“Charming, witty and sophisticated.” SUNDAY TIMES

3 comments on “The Poetry of Anna Chen – Recommended

  1. Jellytot on said:

    Thanks for the tip about this.

    I’m confident that Anna’s poetry will be a welcome ‘palate cleanser’ after reading Sean Matgamna’s efforts on here 🙂

  2. I remember appreciating her commentary on George Orwell in the ISJ as a 16-year-old kid in ’99 or thereabouts. Had no idea she was a talented poet and performer in her own right.