15 comments on “TV and radio update

  1. Omar got in before me, but you must stop rocking about. Jam your feet into the ground and make sure they do not move. Look straight at the interviewer and keep your head still. Oh, and speak more slowly.

    Yeah, I know, image over substance, but it matters if you want to get the message out.

  2. jim mclean on said:


    Well that was a lifetime wasted. Yea, lets not rock. Might as well use my Rodriguez ticket though.

  3. Jellytot on said:

    jim mclean: Too old to be a Trot

    Really? Whenever I see a trot meeting on Youtube nowadays the audience is mostly bald heads and grey hair.

  4. Micky D on said:

    Typical Green , against economic growth via the creation of jobs …but shes ok shes got her smallholding …ffs…