3 comments on “Vintage Tony Benn – Speaking Against the First Gulf War

  1. #1 It would have been even nicer if you’d done some research beore posting.


    ‘After Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands in April 1982, Benn argued that the dispute should be settled by the United Nations and that the British Government should not send a task force to recapture the islands. The task force was sent and the Falklands were soon back in British control. In a subsequent debate in the Commons, Benn’s demand for “a full analysis of the costs in life, equipment and money in this tragic and unnecessary war” was rejected by Margaret Thatcher, …’

  2. #2 Of course most of the far left argued that Benn didn’t go far enough, shouldn’t have invoked the UN etc, but that was essentially no different to the respective positions over Kuwait.

    A notable (in terms of their profile at the time) were the forerunners of the SP and Socialist Appeal, who thought that Benn and his supporters went too far in the earlier conflict, saying that calling for the withdrawal of the fleet was ‘unrealistic’ and calling instead for the highly realistic demand of a general election to elect a labour government to bring about a socialist federation of Britain, Argentina and the islands.