Webb Pierce – I ain’t never

There is something about Webb Pierce which is deeply satisfying. He was a stranger to emotional nuance, and banged out simple country tunes evocative of a rural, pre-industrial south that was disappearing around him. If you put a nickel in the juke box in a Arkansas Honky Tonk in the mid 1950s, then Webb would be the architypical sound you would expect to emerge. It was a haunting Webb Pierce song, “More and More” used in the sound track of “The Hills Have Eyes”

Webb was also the man who pretty much invented the lavish lifestyle later associated with rockstars, spending $30000 on a guitar shaped swimming pool in 1955, and having two convertible cadilacs lined with silver dollars, and had the car-door handles replaced with gold plated revolvers.

This is a late recording, from the Johnny Cash show in 1971. Webb first recorded this song in 1959 by which time he had adapted to the impact of Rock and Roll. Great stuff:


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  1. jock mctrousers on said:

    For no good reason, here’s a link to a piece from a few days ago, which is an entertaining resume of bluegrass from Bill Monroe to the present day: “… Monroe was a radical visionary who heard and realized a new music that has lasted much longer than many genres.” Excellent quick guide to the highlights, a rough who’s who for beginners…

    Considering Radical, Progressive, and Traditional Bluegrass Players