What ever happened to “Mark Victorystooge”?

Long term readers of this blog may remember an individual who posted comments under the pseudonym “Mark Victorystooge”, real name Steve Kaszynski. His comments were often inflammatory, boasting of his exploits fighting the Turkish police, and advocating militant direct action. I once accused him of being a provocateur, and possible a spook (I am also informed that he previously used to work at GCHQ). Shortly after I suggested this about him, he stopped posting comments here.

This is what happened next (4th April 2014). British citizen detained in DHKP-C terror probe works for German spy agency BND


The investigation into Stephan Shak Kacynski, a British national of Polish origin, has revealed that the suspect who was recently detained under the scope of the DHKP-C probe is a spy working for Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).

Kacynski and several others were arrested under the scope of the DHKP-C operation on Saturday.

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  1. Andy Newman on said:

    Steve was also a member of the Weekly Worker group misleadingly self described as the CPGB, and certainly wrote for the Scottish Socialist Party’s paper, though I dont know whether he was an SSP member.

    Of course we dont know if these accusations are true, but I always felt his comments on this blog were seeking to goad contributors into writing something unwise.

  2. John grimshaw on said:

    Well, well! I wonder how many other covert operatives comment on this web site?

  3. John grimshaw on said:

    Andy Newman: misleadingly self described as the CPGB,

    They were a remnant split off from the original CPGB before it wound itself up. They used to be called the Leninist I believe but then inherited the old name because it had become defunct. I don’t know why this is misleading? Not to be confused with the Morning Star/CPB of course.

  4. John grimshaw on said:

    Thinking about this I’m confused now. So this guy posted on here to elicit information? About what exactly? On behalf of who? The Germans? The DHKP? And was he a real member of these left groups based in the UK or was he just pretending? And if he’s running a DHKP operation on behalf of the Germans isn’t that likely to cause a serious scandal?

  5. John grimshaw,

    I thought they were a split from the NCP? They are misleading because while calling themselves the CPGB they stand against everything the actual party ever did or stood for. Their actual name is CPGB (PCC). Long suspected to be state this it seems is final proof of it!

  6. John grimshaw: So this guy posted on here to elicit information? About what exactly? On behalf of who? The Germans? The DHKP? And was he a real member of these left groups based in the UK or was he just pretending? And if he’s running a DHKP operation on behalf of the Germans isn’t that likely to cause a serious scandal?

    We don’t know the answers to any of those good questions. All we know is that he was arrested for alleged involvement is conspiracy aimed at an attempted assassination of the Turkish prosecuter, and that subsequently a claim was made that he worked for the BND, (and elsewhere in other reports that he also worked for MI6)

    In more general terms, even if Steve is innocent, we can surmise that inteligence services would have an interest in creating credible back stories (look at the extreme efforts, now exposed, of the Special Demonstration Squad), and might also have an interest in seeking to play the role of provocateur – we have seen how “guilt by association” is used by people like Harrys Place to seek to discredit progressive politicians (and in the MSM, look at how Corbyn is being traduced in some quarters for alleged past associations with the IRA and Hezbollah). Posting provocative comments on a left blog might be used to later discredit others associated with that blog, especially if they rise to the bait.

    We of course have no knoweldge of what BND (or MI6) are up to, or why, and as I believe that DHKP are involved in the Syrian civil war, then both the German and Britsh security services might hypotheticaly have a strategic interest in infiltraring an operative. This is not to say that Steve is involved – all we know for a fact is that he was arrested in what is described as a DHKP “cultural centre” and that accusations have been made against him. In particular the Turkish state cracked down on DHKP after what the state alleges was a DHKP armed attack on a police station.

  7. George W: I thought they were a split from the NCP?

    Interstingly, in the above contect, the original “Leninist” faction in the old and real CPGB were inspired by / affiliated to a Turkish group, that had a similar operation in the Turkish CP. Or so I understand.

  8. John grimshaw on said:

    George W,

    This is what is says on wiki whatsit. You are right George about their history. I didn’t know the first bit:

    The origins of the CPGB (PCC) lie in the New Communist Party of Britain which split from the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) in 1977. Under the influence of a faction of the Communist Party of Turkey, a handful led by NCP youth section leader John Chamberlain (who uses the pseudonym Jack Conrad) attempted to rejoin the then CPGB.

    Few actually regained party cards but the grouping began to publish The Leninist, first as a journal, then as a more or less monthly paper. Initially The Leninist appeared to some to be a Stalinist publication in its politics, but over time it mutated into something very different. This may be due to their interaction with various Trotskyist groups including a series of exchanges with the Spartacist League. The faction developed a critique of the Stalinist states as well as the bureaucratism and political liquidationism of the old CPGB.

  9. John grimshaw: And if he’s running a DHKP operation on behalf of the Germans isn’t that likely to cause a serious scandal?

    Yes the lack of comment in MSM is interesting.

    A British citizen is arrested in Turkey, accused of being involved in a terrorist plot to assassinate a state prosecutor, and then subsequently accused – by the Turkish state – of being a spy for the German intellgence services, and they accuse him of acting as a chanel of communication between the German state and a terrorist group in Turkey, and terrorist group involved in the Syrian civil war and other Turkish papers accuse him of being a MI6 agent as well.

    What have we seen reported about this in the British press? While the press is currently full of stories of British muslims travelling to Syria and Turkey almost weekly basis

    Colonel Ross still wore an expression which showed the poor opinion which he had formed of my companion’s ability, but I saw by the inspector’s face that his attention had been keenly aroused.
    “You consider that to be important?” he [Inspector Gregory] asked.
    “Exceedingly so.”
    “Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”
    “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”
    “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”
    “That was the curious incident,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.

  10. John grimshaw on said:

    Indeed Andy. I smell a rat. Interestingly the article your link to was in the newspaper Sabah (Morning) which was independent until 2007 and was then taken over by Erdogan’s regime in 2007 on a pretext. It is now owned and run by his son-in-law.

  11. John grimshaw on said:

    Evidentially from the reporting he may even be a British agent? And a German agent? Good money I suppose if you can get it!? Or a Syrian agent??? This seems to be getting a little strung out now.

  12. The point of being a political adventurer is to have adventures. If you are a Muslim with jihadi tendencies there is lots of scope for that sort of thing, but if you are a leftist in Britain there’s not much excitement going on at the moment. The left in Britain is not very adventurous anyway, so it’s not surprising that some people will be attracted to situations with a much greater potential for having fun. There’s not so much choice as there was, but Turkey still has some hard-core left stuff going on.

  13. John Grimshaw on said:

    Arent you meant to have a copy of the Morning Star under your arm, a red carnation in your lapel and then a special way of speaking when we meet. If we do?

  14. Andy Newman on said:

    Francis King,

    Not very adventurous!

    Why only this week i chaired a meeting discussing the process for council selections, chaired a trades council meeting in a working mens club in Trowbridge, had a curry with a couple of labour party members, and was today sworn in as a town councillor in Corsham.

    You cannot get more rock and roll than that

  15. Vanya on said:

    Andy Newman:
    Francis King,

    Not very adventurous!

    Why only this week i chaired a meeting discussing the process for council selections, chaired a trades council meeting in a working mens club in Trowbridge, had a curry with a couple of labour party members, and was today sworn in as a town councillor in Corsham.

    You cannot get more rock and roll than that

    You could have had a fight with some coppers outside the curry house. I think Steve would have approved of that.

  16. Vanya on said:

    #26 …while blogging on a Friday night.

    Very rock and roll 🙂

    What you watching on telly?

    I’m drinking cider.

  17. Vanya on said:

    Someone once accused me of being a state agent.

    I cleared the whole thing up when I proved that I’d never helped anyone buy or sell a house in my life.

  18. jim mclean on said:

    Andy Newman:
    And would those organisations that Steve was a member of ISG, SSP and CPGB, like to comment?

    Still no answer or online statements it seems

  19. Vanya on said:

    #33 GIven that like its predecessor (The Leninist) the main purpose in life of the The Weekly Worker is to spread gossip (preferably malicious) about ongoing issues on the left, I’m very surprised to learn this (in respect of the “CPGB” in any case.

  20. jim mclean on said:

    SK is reported as saying in his police interview he has no knowledge of the DHKP-C’s actions, does not know any members, He was just passing through from a meeting in Labanon and went to the cultural centre to rest. He has no knowledge of the DHKP-C and refutes all charges. One thing is that their does seem to be a concerted attempt to keep SK of wiki, people publish and it is wiped out. Other sites report about the DHKP-C Assad link. Lots of information out there if you google Stephan Shak Kacynski and use google translate.

  21. Andy Newman,

    When the UK Left Network got off the ground, Steve was one of the early regulars. I was an armchair cpgb’er at the time and I knew that he was a former member. As the DHKP undertook their death fast he became their uncritical cheerleader, chummed about with the list’s resident tankies, and joined the SSP as it began to really take off in the lead up to the Iraq War.

  22. Sam64 on said:

    Speaking of infiltrators, spies and the like, does anyone know if an organisation around in the 1980, The Spartacus League – not the Weimar Republic one! – were of that persuasion? Of course, they weren’t infiltrators into existing left wing groups, parties as they had their own organisation, but a British cell of an American outfit weren’t they? But thinking back to a LPYS summer camp, Wye Valley 1982, their behaviour was so peculiar – something that comes easily to numerous outfits on the far left I know, but the Sparts were different – that the suggestion made at the time that they were minor public school characters who’d failed the MI5 recruitment test, and had been given that role out of sympathy for their cold war enthusiasm, seems plausible.

  23. Vanya on said:

    #39 They were around a lot longer than that, before and after.

    They did infiltrate the IMG.

    A few years later they aimed a slogan at their erstwhile hosts: “2,4,6,8. Does Grogan still think God is great?”

  24. John grimshaw on said:


    If we’re going down memory lane the strangest bunch I knew were the RCP. I remember very clearly the first anti-Poll tax demo in Manchester. I was a fresh faced SWPer at the time and found myself selling the paper stood on my own (ever the rebel eh?) watching the demo plus pipe band pass. A woman was stood next to me selling their rag and in a very comradely fashion informed me that the reason the pipe band was there was because it was a Militant conspiracy to drown out “correct slogans”. And then obviously implied that the Militant were in fact a state front. I departed quickly. The pipe band were in fact of the NUTGW, and they were just doing their thing. Maybe the band were a state front as well?

  25. Sam64 # 39 – The Spartacist League still exists, and now has splinters of its own. There’s no evidence that they are run by any state agency, and that hypothesis is quite unnecessary to explain their activities.

    Vanya #40 – The Sparts didn’t infiltrate the IMG. The dozen or so people they recruited out of the IMG were all genuine IMG members who had become convinced that the Sparts were right. All, or almost all, of these ex-IMG people left the Sparts within a few months.

  26. Vanya on said:

    #42 Not that I have a dog in this fight (not anymore anyway, I left the USFI in or around 1995) but they were operating within the IMG, an organisation that was obsessed with allowing people to organise tendencies and factions, and were expelled. I didn’t get into the details and it was long before my time (I joined Revolution Youth in 1984), but my conclusion was that they were engaged in a hostile entry job, whether they were already existing members or not.

    I do remember that one of the leaders at the time was ever after referred to by them as “Spartfinder General”.

  27. Vanya on said:

    #41 Re the RCP and the Poll Tax, my main memory was that a few of us set up a Withington Anti-Poll Tax group, and that we had a number of public meetings in St Paul’s church hall (you may know it).

    The first meeting we had was attended by a couple of tories who made a non too successful attempt politely to dismiss what we were doing.

    Instead of the tories, a couple of RCP turned up at the next meeting to explain to us that calling for non-payment was a waste of time and in fact politically harmful and that the struggle was lost when council workers had not taken industrial action against collecting it (in fact they were in essence arguing the same position that the SWP had at the start of the struggle, but they at least saw the error of their ways pdq, and in fact a couple of SWP members were involved in our group).

    I remember realising exactly how a lot of NUM members must have felt when these jokers were continuing to call for a national ballot in 1984 long after the NUM had decided against.

    Their crowing achievement nationally was probably turning up at demo in London against the Kuwait war with a huge banner, dwarfing all the others present, with the slogan, “Victory to Iraq”. A certain well-known lefty folk singer from Essex was reputedly, on seeing this, heard to say that these people must surely be in the pay of the state.

  28. Vanya on said:

    #46 That should have said “crowning” but they were definitely crowing, particularly as they got themselves thrown off the demo so were able to denounce the organisers. A key tactic of course of various ultra-left groups is to make it all about themselves rather than the actual issue.

  29. Vanya on said:

    #39 Btw Sam, just to try and out-pedant George Hallam, the Spartacus League had renamed itself the Communist Party of Germany before the Weimar Republic came into existence.

    Can I just say, with reference to another thread, that this makes absolutely zero difference to the credibility of anything else you say on the subject 🙂

  30. Sam64 on said:


    According to a usually pretty reliable that I’d fail a student for using (Wikipedia – not my rules!) the Weimar Republic began on November 9, 1918. The Spartacus League renamed itself the KPD in December 1919. So perhaps they overlapped for as long as 3 weeks, who knows – who really cares? George, is that your brow furrowing as your fingers settle over the keyboard?

    As for 46, I remember at that LPYS camp down Newman Way (ish), a Spart took things to to a new war level. In a crowded tent on a blazing summer’s afternoon, he argued (sic) that socialists should have supported the sending of the task force to retake the Falklands because there was the possibility that the British state might have been defeated by theArgentinians. Anybody who thought otherwise – and this was shortly after the British armed forces had retaken the Falklands with much jingoistic rejoicing milked by Thatcher – hadn’t read Lenin on the Russo Japanese war, was really a chauvinist etc etc. The point wasn’t really helped by the fact that the speaking Spart had large holes in his shirt. As he waved his arms as he worked himself into a lather, sweat showered from his armpits on to those sitting nearby.

    Shortly afterwards when I read Orwell’s description of some ILPers on a bus in the late 30s, I thought that they must have made the Sparts seem normal.

  31. I heard my favourite RCP argument at a public meeting in the mid 1980s organised by the Brixton CPGB branch with a speaker from the Terence Higgins Trust. The RCPers who turned up tried to argue against any health education around HIV, on the grounds that it was part of a state campaign against gays.

    There always seems to be one contrarian group on the left, whose main reason for existence is to argue the exact opposite of everybody else. In the 1970s we had BICO, in the 1980s, the RCP… Now we have the AWL occupying much the same niche. They disappear when they get bored with themselves, and then a new one pops up.

  32. Sam64,

    You are right, Sam. Kaes, Jay and Dimendber (eds), The Weimar Republic Sourcebook, says the proclamation of the Weimar Republic occurred 9 Nov. 1918, while founding manifesto of KPD was first published 31 Dec. 1918. (Constitution of the Republic was not finalised until Aug. 1919, though.)

  33. Vanya on said:

    #51 Fair enough 🙂

    Bruce Lee fought Chuck Norris in Enter the Dragon. Comments anyone?

  34. John grimshaw on said:

    Francis King,

    Another favourite moment was the 1993 demo in South London against the BNP. The RCP were there at the beginning where the coaches parked handing out leaflets telling people that the demonstration was wrong, and then more bizarrely having not gone on the demo were there at the end leafleting again. At least one bloke was in a suit ..in a muddy field? So having spent a long time on the demo…having got battered by the old bill…and having some of the sillier people on our side having rained down rocks on us (they were trying to hit the police – whoever you were stay out of cricket), we turned up to find these idiots still trying to argue why the BNP should be left alone to exercise their right to free speech. The language was not choice.

  35. Sam64 on said:

    Francis King,

    I’ll see you for a Next Step and raise you a LM.

    It must have been about an 18 months after that when I was living in S London that HIV AIDS became big news. The government organised some public info ads, shown at the pictures and that, with Bob Geldof urging the wearing of condoms, practice safe sex. Socialist Review had a report urging its readers to act in much the same way – a bit unnecessary perhaps, it was common knowledge, but the SWP was sane that way given that HIV AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that can kill people. I remember being taken to task by a RCP member on a SW paper sale or the like for the SWP a) siding with a despicable media celebrity like Geldof and b) colluding with an establishment conspiracy to deny, in particular, young, promiscuous people sexual pleasure because sex with a condom is less enjoyable for both parties .

    And you tell that to the kids of today and they won’t believe you – or more likely know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  36. Andy Newman on said:

    Francis King: Now we have the AWL occupying much the same niche.

    The AWL surpassed themselves on the demo against the NATO war against Serbia, where they started the march at the Embankment along with those opposedd to the war, and half way through switched to join a counter demonstration comprising (from what I could see) mainly Kosovan fascist sympathisers supporting the war.

  37. Andy Newman on said:

    John grimshaw: Another favourite moment was the 1993 demo in South London against the BNP. The RCP were there at the beginning where the coaches parked handing out leaflets telling people that the demonstration was wrong, and then more bizarrely having not gone on the demo were there at the end leafleting again.

    IN Bristol, they leafleted the buses going to the Welling demo, explaining why they opposed it and werent going.

    Then had the brass neck to try to get on and come. To be turned away, using their own leaflets as evidence

  38. jim mclean: Pressure will not intimidate us???

    I note this nonsense from the link:

    This has in the past included cosying up to the racist, anti-migrant English Democrats, as part of Newman’s search for a ‘progressive’ form of English nationalism as a counterpart to the SNP. Which is a good deal dodgier than anything Steve K has ever been involved in.

    These are examples of this “cozying up”, written by me:

    English Democrats – Chickens coming home to roost: http://socialistunity.com/english-democrats-party-chickens-coming-home-to-roost/

    English Democrats Party – Mark Cottrill and the Holocaust Museum Shooter http://socialistunity.com/english-democrats-party-link-to-holocaust-museum-shooter/

    English Democrats Party – New Doncaster Mayor Comes a Cropper http://socialistunity.com/english-democrats-new-doncaster-mayor-comes-a-cropper/

    English Democrats Party – Doncaster Mayor is Father of Tory Mp http://socialistunity.com/new-doncaster-mayor-is-son-of-tory-mp/

    English Democrats Stealing the Bnp’s Thunder – http://socialistunity.com/english-democrats-stealing-the-bnps-thunder/

    English Democrats Party – All Rotten Apples in a Rancid Barrel? – http://socialistunity.com/english-democrats-party-all-rotten-apples-in-a-rancid-barrel/

    and not written by me, but publicised by me: English Nationalism Takes a Step in the Wrong Direction – http://socialistunity.com/english-nationalism-takes-a-step-in-the-wrong-direction/

    Some “cozying up” !!

  39. Andy Newman on said:

    Vanya: Any idea what he was shouting?

    Intriguing, as clearly everyone found it amusing, quite a bit of laughter ?

    Perhaps it translates as

    “but these Fokkas were Messerschmidts”

  40. Andy Newman on said:

    Sam64: puts the question that is perhaps being put to Steve Kaszynski, aka Mark Victorystooge right now

    well that made ME laugh

  41. jim mclean on said:

    baskılar bizi yıldıramaz olmaz
    Prints (as in photographs) will not intimidate us.
    Shortened from Arrests, Detentions, Prints will not intimidate us, as the Turkish state film all left wing and trade union marches. Makes sense in the right context, wrong context…… . (This of course is reliant on Google Translate)

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