Who is Andrew Brons?

Andrew Brons (left) in the 1970s campaigning with the National Front and BNP leader Nick GriffinYorkshire and Humber constituency will return Andrew Brons (at the left of the picture) to the European Parliament if the BNP gets 11.5% across the constituency. So far the results coming in show it to be on a knife edge.

The BNP have 10% in Sheffield, much more in Barnsley.

If they do win a seat there, we will have to deal with that situation as we come to it.

But I imagine there will be some fun and games inside the BNP is Griffin fails to be elected in the North West, which would give Andrew Brons a higher profile than the leader, and his own significant budget.

So who is Andrew Brons. Certainly if he is elected the press should give this Hitler lover some serious scrutiny.

Brons, 61, started his nazi career in the National Socialist Movement, an organisation that was deliberately founded on Hitler’s birthday by Colin Jordan, the British nazi leader who died in April aged 85. NSM members were responsible for an arson campaign against Jewish property and synagogues in the 1960s.

Brons appears to have approved. In a letter to Jordan’s wife, Brons reported meeting an NSM member who “mentioned such activities as bombing synagogues”. He declared: “On This subject I have a dual view, in that I realise that he is well intentioned, I feel that our public image may suffer considerable damage as a result of these activities. I am however open to correction on this point.”

He also sent Mrs Jordan money to buy a swastika badge and other Nazi material, explaining he was about the undertake a “crash programme” of publicity for the NSM in Yorkshire by deluging areas with Nazi stickers, posters and slogans.

Brons was a prominent member of the National Front, notorious for its extreme racism and violence, from its early days and was voted onto its national directorate in 1974. Later as the NF’s education officer he hosted seminars on racial nationalism and tried to give its racism a more “scientific” basis.

After the departure of John Tyndall from the NF in March 1980 Brons was promoted to NF chairman. One of his allies during this period was Richard Verrall, the author of Did Six Million Really Die?, with whom he edited the NF journal New Nation. In 1982 Brons led an NF march through Northfield on which marchers chanted: “we’ve got to get rid of the blacks”.

In June 1984 Brons was convicted of behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace following his arrest in Leeds while selling papers in a shopping centre.

He and another NF member were heard shouting slogans such as “Death to Jews”, “White Power” and “National Front”. When approached by PC John Raj, Brons stated: “inferior beings like yourself probably do not understand the principle of free speech”.

Brons resigned as NF chairman in 1984 and later faded from public view. He has been a BNP member for around four years.

32 comments on “Who is Andrew Brons?

  1. terry james on said:

    L to R in the pic. Richard Verrall, Martin Guy Alan Webster and Joe Pearce, at the time leader of the Young National Front.

  2. Stupot on said:

    He’s been elected. Although apparently the BNP got 6000 less votes than last time.

  3. dominic on said:

    Sickening to think that this scum received over 110,000 votes. Absolutely sickening.
    “A victory for common sense & decency” says Terry…a victory for racism & hatred say the decent people with common sense.

  4. dominic on said:

    The BBC were obliged to interview the revolting Nick Griffin, whose pitiful comment about a “Black Police Officers” union being comparable to a white supremacist organisation such as his underlines the moronic & upside down thinking of these Nazis…that being that the racism people like Griffin & Brons subscribe to created the pro Black organisations they describe as “racist”.

  5. Thanks for posting this info about Brons. Great left blogging, Andy. I hope people are posting it to national dailies and BBC news offices, even now.

  6. green socialist on said:

    Nazi tosser!

    In the south west Greens finished ahead of Labour -comfortably – even in Bristol they were only 500 votes ahead. We only just missed a seat

  7. Michael on said:

    After so long, being one ofthe few nations not to do so, at last Britain has elected its very first fascists to the European Parliament, to represent our country, to represent the people of Britain. That’s one to tell the grandkids with pride.

    I don’t think.

    How did it come to this? Every major political party in Britain should take a good long hard look at itself.

    The left are no different. Perhaps if they spent less time absorbed in self-obsessed, trivial bickering and infighting and more time spent going to the British people and spreading the word of socialism, then it might actually look like a credible movement, which it bloody well isn’t.

  8. democracy has spoken on said:

    The people have spoken, like it or not. The BNP have 2 MEP’s purely by the will of the people.

  9. Francis on said:

    I am sorry ‘Democracy has spoken’, but the left will never accept the people’s voice if it disagrees with their point of view.

    The next thing will be a call to ban the BNP, because if they can’t shut the people up then they have to limit their choices.

    There is never any attempt to analyse the situation and ask themselves why people are leaving the left wing parties in droves and turning to parties like the BNP. What are these people saying that resonates with the voters.

    Could it possibly be that immigration is considered out of control (Ooops that’s a little right wing isn’t it) Could if be that idiginous british people are feeling left out of the love-in?

    There are a number of reasons why the BNP is becoming more popular, but you will not find the issues debated here – only hate.

  10. terryfitz on said:

    M Rosen@8

    This has been known since the the campaign began. It was on the Hope not Hate site months ago. The problem is that people are not put off by this kind of exposes any more. I see one ot two lone voices are beginning to question the accepted wisdom on issues like asylum and immigration and political correctness. Of the last we are now reaping the dubious benefits of thirty years of the race relations industry. Are you the gentleman who lives in Hackney?

  11. john on said:

    dominic, the sadder thing for me was that the ineffectual BBC presenter couldn’t counter his arguement and point out the difference.

  12. Alex on said:

    In the early 80s Brons was lecturing at Harrogate College when he was a member of the National Front. There was a campaign mounted by the ANL to remove him and hundreds of students from colleges and Universities around Yorkshire had a number of demonstrations. I believe eventually he was removed from his post as a result of these demonstrations. Anyone remember this to confirm it?

  13. David Nilsson on said:

    I look forward to BBC interviewers and dead-tree rags with falling circulations constantly dragging up the juvenile links of today’s middle aged leftist politicians with Trotskyite and communist organisations. You know, the vehicles of ideologies that have killed far more people than German Nazis and Italian fascists ever did.

  14. Faust on said:

    19. Ah yes. Adolf Hitler, so misunderstood. There he was only trying to offer a “bulwark against Bolshevism to preserve us from the colossus in the East”. A few genocidal peccadilloes are thus to be passed over in silence. Mind you, I don’t notice commentators saying much about the slave trade, its toll and its role in the development of capitalism.

    Brons certainly was a lecturer at Harrogate in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

  15. Denzil on said:

    Andy Brons was a lecturer at Harrogate but he managed to keep his job. According to Wikipedia he retired last year. He actually lectured to me in this capacity in 1995. He was a very good lecturer and you’d never guess any of this stuff about him from the way he did his job. He was genuinely entertaining and charming with limitless time, good humour and patience for students regardless of race or any other factor. I suppose that’s why he couldn’t be got rid of. I still find it hard to reconcile that this highly intelligent, charming and funny man would be involved in this sort of rubbish. I’ve spent a lot of time with him and i like him but i wouldn’t vote BNP for a gold pig.

  16. #7 (and everyone else reading) – white Police Officers *can* join the National Black Police Association. It’s worth getting this fact out there to counter “Fat Hitler” Griffin’s dubious argument.

  17. Armchair on said:

    Terry Fitz – I suspect that large numbers of people are both put off by and motivated to oppose the BNP precisely because of such exposes- or what was the point of so much of the Hope not Hate literature?

  18. mark francis on said:

    The entire point of the BNP existing is to “encourage” people who they see as “non British” to leave the UK by depriving them of their civil rights. Mixed race people are not even supposed to exist. If there are people who are prepared to vote for this, then each and evey one of them are personallty threatening my family and I do not care how “democratic” the vote maybe – this is just an aggregation of scum. But think on this – my wife and i are both from warrior nations (I’m English and she is Punjabi)and the BNP will touch a hair of our son’s head only in their deepest darkest dreams.

  19. David on said:

    There is some real rubbish being written here. Mr Francis’s is particularly silly. No one is threatening his son. The BNP are not barbarians, and no one (except the loony left) is suggesting compulsary repatriation. Pull yourself together man.

  20. 99.9% of the blogger,s here on this site know absolutely nothing about this man, Andrew Brons,,,,,so why don’t you stop your mud slinging and give him a chance.?

  21. Andrew brons must be a confused man. Britain welcomed immigrant workers to London in the 19th century and he is the result of these policies.

    Andrew Brons family tree at

    and for any BNP supporters: on the 2001 Census Britain was 93% white (87% British) on the last census. Not that you have to be white to be british….

  22. john king on said:

    Why would a white police officer want to join the Black Officers Association? Nobody, regardless of their colour, wants to hear a lot of racist claptrap coming from the lips of someone of another colour. People join organizations with like minded people to pool their money, resources and talent towards improving their own lot. This is what normal people of all races, nationalities, religions, etc do. Why can’t white officers have a White Officers Association of their own? Who gets to decide that? It’s total BS. If Blacks are allowed to have their own club but Whites aren’t, that is a good reason for whites to revolt against this racistly anti-white system. That’s where the BNP comes in to play.
    If Whites aren’t permitted to do things that Blacks are, this in and of itself is proof that the British govt is racist, racist toward the indigenous folk of the land.