Who we are

Socialist Unity has had a broad range of writers over the years, and we welcome contributions from anyone on the left (send contributions to office@socialistunity.com). We write and publish articles about current events, British and international politics, economics, military action and elections. We have a strong focus on Palestine, Israel and Gaza, as well as a focus on military adventures carried out in the name of “democracy” by Britain and the US. We also publish articles about popular culture, with a political slant on music, arts and sport. Below are details of the main contributors to Socialist Unity

Andy Newman is a Swindon-based political activist. Branch Secretary of Wiltshire and Swindon (W15) branch of the GMB, delegate to the Southern Regional Council of the GMB; and GMB delegate to South West TUC Executive. Andy also runs the occassionally updated Swindon Roundabouts blog

John Wight is a freelance writer and journalist. His work appears regularly in the Morning Star and the Huffington Post. He has also written for Counterpunch, Scottish Left Review, Scottish Review, and contributes regularly to the London Progressive Journal. He is currently based in Scotland.

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Tony Collins is an independent activist who works as a train driver on London Underground. His political education began with books about aliens and secret cabals of people meeting in smoke-filled rooms to plan world events, moved towards sanity with the realisation that if aliens were here, they could probably just chill really and let the Tories carry on screwing up the planet, journeyed through Chomsky to the SWP via the anti-war movement and has ended up in 2012, jaded but still optimistic about the future. An RMT activist and former workplace safety rep, Tony’s main interest is Palestine and Gaza – he was a key member of the Viva Palestina convoys to Gaza – as well as focussing on the role of the mass media in shaping people’s consciousness.

Phil BC is fairly well known among internet travelling leftists. He set up the notorious UK Left Network in 2000, which he continues to help moderate. He also wrote the weekly ‘Around the Web’ column in the Weekly Worker for 18 months and got into blogging just over a year ago at A Very Public Sociologist. He is a member of the Labour Party.

Tawfiq Chahbourne also posts regularly; he describes himself as an independent Leftie who spends far too much time trying to counter the Citizen Hip-Hip Hurrahs of the “Left” and the once honourable profession of “journalism”. He believes, axiomatically, that since socialism must be libertarian or it will not exist (i.e., Leninism or some deranged and depraved offshoot), the argument has been won before it is even put to a vote. He can already hear the howls of indignation from Bolshie “democratic centralists” and fears that he will one day be shot in the back fleeing across the ice to safety.

Martin Wicks also occasionally contributes – particularly on Trade Union matters. Martin is the editor of the Solidarity Trade Union magazine.